Friday, October 25, 2013


it's that day again. where i recap our week, or periodically weeks, in photos.
i'm linking up with jeanett. it's so fun to see what other people are up to, espcially this time of year when everyone seems to get into the holiday and crafting spirit. looking forward to heading over there and admiring everyone else's photos.

this was our week...
 i love giving. gift giving is my love language. so, christmas is my time of year! 
we sponsor children in a school in haiti and our church does our own "operation christmas child" if you will. we are given boxes, names, ages and we fill them with new and beautiful goodies for these kids. i get to give to the child we sponsor and then we choose two that are like ages or genders of our kids. it helps make it personal for the kids and is a fantastic lesson on giving to others first. 

i'm also being super brave and participating in giving in another area. i signed up for emmy's handmade christmas exchange!! i'm already working on ideas and think i have it narrowed down to a few. i'm super nervous whomever i send to won't like what i make, or it won't be good enough, but i am still going to push aside my fears and try!! plus it's for a great purpose.
 this girl is a crack up. she had on tinkerbell shoes underneath the table. she knows how she wants to dress and lately i've been finding her in her bed in the morning completely naked ready to get dressed she says. 
 the hubby's birthday was last week so i made him one of my grandma's cakes. it's huge because we were taking it to the fire station. i love making her cakes, it reminds me of her in good ways. i can not wait for the day to teach my girls about her and how wonderful she was.
 this is her being silly happy and it's how she is 98% of the time. she is a two year old that lives very passionately in the moment as most two year olds do, so she can be known to "passionately disagree" with me on a variety of subjects, such as, wearing certain shoes, saying no so often, being kind of bossy, and her opinion on the self-control corner is very strong. but, man oh man, do we love her! she is awesome. 
 my favorite stage is 12-24 months. they are happier, they are hilarious, and they are amazing eaters. she is an ah-maz-ing eater. she eats more than the other two combined sometimes. this look was because the mac-n-cheese {don't worry it was organic} was gone. very distraught. if i remember correctly she protested by rubbing her hands in her hair. 
 this dude has been so patient about his toys and things being in storage. he has a few small things one being his cars, but rarely anywhere to play with them because there are so many people walking around in the kitchen {which is the only place that isn't carpet}. on a day when my folks and sister weren't home i busted out the craft/packing paper and painters tape and we did things the old fashioned way. we made one of our own. he had a blast. it had houses for the cars, a lake, a park, a fire station, a dump, and a target. i'm so glad to see that my brainwashing is working on even him about the amazingness of target. next on my list is homegoods...
 we have family photos tomorrow. and this guy went one round with the bathroom counter. yay for photoshop and not going to lie i might use makeup. it's now his whole eye that is brownish purple. like really bad eyeshadow.
 she is a snuggler. she is always cuddling her lovies or blanket and i'm obsessed with it. she's that way with her daddy too. not me, but just her daddy. 
this one is my favorite. all the babies on the couch. hazel has two pillows because that is the minimum she requires. i didn't put those there because i'm afraid she'll fall off the couch. she will and she'll be totally fine and try to get back up. she requires them and then steals them from the others. i think she'll handle being a middle child just fine. 

that's my week. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

while i wait {the living room}

so we have an offer in on a short sale. which for some people takes a long time and others goes relatively fast. we've had no news, and it feels like the days go on and on forever. why do they call it a short sale anyway? it's not short. it should be called a 'really really long sale' or a 'not sure if you'll get it sale' or a 'hurry up and wait sale.' but i didn't name it so it doesn't matter.

i need to wait and so to keep my mind from going even more crazy, need to protect what few cells i have left, i'm planning how i will decorate said house we don't technically own yet. putting the cart before the horse? no. not at all. but, i am a pinning mad woman. i've also gone the conventional route and looked at real magazines too.

the house has been vacant for 6 months so it needs a really good cleaning and will need to be painted throughout. these are my thoughts. in picture form. today let's focus on the living room...

we have to buy a new couch, because ours was gross and was taken to the dump. i've always dreamed of a sectional. i like the wall color and color scheme here, but not sure i could do that color in the whole house.

i realize this is a photo of a bedroom, but the focus for me is the painted fireplace. we will have one if we get this house and red just isn't my thing. i want to paint it. hubby does not. we will just see what the painter ends up painting. 

this whole room is to die for. i want all of it. those beams!!!! 
but mostly i'm looking at the floors. our floors are similar in color and the house has a spanish feel to it, but my style is country/costal cottage, so i'm thinking i can just use the beautiful wood floors to my advantage and not worry about what the other owner was feeling when they decorated. 

let's have a crazy convo for a moment here. i want to do paneling of some sort. i am a huge fan of regular board and batten, but now wait for it, but what if i did it or even real paneling to the ceiling? am i a crazy person? i feel like it's so cottage and my style. i will let my photo evidence speak for itself...

this one is my favorite. i think it might be the best compromise if hubby looses his mind at the idea of paneling to the ceiling. and to be honest i love everything about this whole room. the color of the walls are very doable for the entire main part of the house. 

so that's what i'm thinking so far. all just dreams, but hopefully with lots of patience they will become a reality. i'm sure though by the time it's ours {if it becomes ours} i probably will have changed my mind. but that's a pregnant woman for ya. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

instafriday {september & october}

i haven't done instafriday in ages. mostly because of all the moving and birthdays and chaos that insues. 
i appologize. today i am making up for it with a massive instagram collage. here's the past, ahem, few weeks...

moving requires the following:
lots of boxes and messes before it can be clean.
date night
sneaking candy in my car without my kids knowing
more messes
putting babies in boxes
and meltdowns. 
 september was the month of birthday's in the kneisler household.
i protested that she could possibly be turning one, but it did happen.
and little miss big 2 year old helped make and devour cupcakes in her usual fashion.
 the usual everyday fun...
trains (his heart is all about trains and building tracks. thinking he might be an engineer when he grows up)
lunch picnics in the park
daddy getting welcome home snuggles
naked babies at the dr
sticking it to the man with my awesome cvs trips
we found out what we are having this week.
another girl. three girls. 2 and under. holy hormonal chaos. 
good thing we have this silly boy to keep us sane.  
and, i actually left my hair down one day. gasp. it was a breakthrough moment for me.

that's our week, err, weeks. 
linking up with jeanett and looking forward to seeing some great moments from everyone else's week. 

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