Friday, May 24, 2013

our weeks{s} in IG

well hello there. 
been absent from the blog, just haven't had the time. blah blah usual excuses etc...

onto the photos.
linking up with jeanett. enjoy!

clockwise from the top left:
-if a picture is worth 1000 words, that sums up why we don't do spaghetti.
-teacher appreciation week at school makes my sweet boy's heart happy
-toured a model home that was made, and designed for me. unless the hubs becomes fire chief it ain't gonna happen.
-smiley ice cream face.
clockwise from the top left: 
-while bathing the babies, two gentelmen took some photographic liberties with my phone. made me smile and laugh one night when i found them. 
-heading to disneyland. poor grandma and aunt neni (emily) had to sit back there. 
-my happy girl. 
-almost cried, okay so i cried a little, with the most amazing sleeping beauty at disneyland. 
she was hands down the best character our family has experienced. 
clockwise from the top left:
- loving the new beautifulmess app. 
-starting to read some of those books i bought. this one is wrecking our world in the best way.
-the caption explains it all. she's crazy and hilarious.
-doing school work outside is the best.
clockwise from the top left:
-sometimes laundry baskets are for enjoying a book without the sisters stealing it. 
-unless one comes along and tips you over.
-my eight month old stands. all the time. everywhere. 
-but she is the smiliest eight month old. and i love her.

Friday, May 3, 2013

My hearts

I feel like I could hold her forever. The way she melts into me each night after her bottle.

I thank the lord for sleeping babies. The girls are teething and that means shorter fuses and tired mommy arms.

The boy is going thru something. I don't know what it is exactly but he's struggling. Maybe it's the sisters. They get a lot of attention being babies. And he is so sufficient I think the poor kid gets lost in the everyday. I try to make the few moments we have alone count. We play real board or card games. We read. We do "together time."

But it's hard. At one point this love of mine was my universe and had my sole attention. My mama's heart grows with each child, but unfortunately I don't get any extra limbs, or have more lap space.

And I am short with him. I expect a lot. I realize I put so much on his small shoulders. Sometimes too much. Sometimes the right amount. But that's the thing, the recipe for the right amount changes. All the time. It feels impossible to duplicate and must be just the right ingredients.

Teaching him, leading him. Growing a man is hard and toilsome work. But. I come from strong stock. We Swedes were built to last (and birth babies so my mother told me) and motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Quitting is not an option. So I toil and work hard. Getting my hands dirty in the raising of children. Weeding and planting. Sowing seeds of character into my children. Praying..."dear lord, don't let them remember my anger and tears. But instead my love for them and their hearts." For they are my hearts. Just beating outside my body.

"Where does it belong" {basket}

there is not one day that goes by when my living room doesn't look like the toy monster threw up in it. 
with three levels of toys (6 months+ baby toys, toddler toys, and big boy toys) it's chaos.
the kids all have their own toys in their room and we have some communal stuff mixed in with the baby stuff, i.e.-little people, building blocks etc. however, things get brought out and shared, or shouted over but that's a post for another day.

i try to make sure every day before nap and each evening we clean up and show responsibility with our things. i was finding though that carrying armfuls of toys was becoming tedious and difficult for my 4 year old. 

and then i took a trip to the dollar store. 
the great thing about a dollar store trip is that their carts are so small i can't bring all the kids, which means....mommy date!! 
while at one of my trips i found an awesome basket and i lighting struck my brain! 
thus our "where does it belong?" basket.

each child takes a turn carrying the basket and filling it up with items that belong in their room.
they go thru the main area of the house and then the opposite sibling's room too just to make sure.

 the basket is a great size, so lots and lots can fit, and with the two handles it's easy to manage.

when done they take the basket in their room and put things back in their place.
that part is huge. usually things end up on the floor because he's just dumping his armful. 
then once the basket is empty it's the next child's turn and when totally done we fill it with the baby's toys and leave it on her mat. 

i am really please with how this has helped the routine of cleaning up. i've actually been thinking of using it for my things that end up in the wrong rooms. because let's be honest, i'm just as much of a mess maker as my kids. 

IG {all about the girls}

this weeks feed was heavily female oriented.
but then again, my household is primarily female, so it was bound to happen.
i think i say it all the time, but holy thunder thighs batman! 
they are amazing in real life. 
changing this kids clothes is one of my favorite things to do because it get to squash those yummy thighs. 

kinda playing together. 
that's my old sesame street playhouse that my mom saved. you can here her playing with it and saying, "doot dee doot" in a sweet girly singsong voice. love it.

those cheers are wonderful. and i love a milk drunk exhausted sleepy baby at the end of the day. 

i do not however love a 7 month old who is crawling. she started on the "white-ish" (let's be honest it hasn't been white since i had kids.) carpet where the paci is. 60 seconds later i found her across the floor. 

the girls and i took a few days to go visit a girl friend of mine and her two girls in arroyo grande. 

these girls are 1 year apart and they did great together. 

these girls 2 months apart and they loved each other!!

i have a major obsession with reading books. always have. kids kinda take time available out of my day, but when i got back this little bundle of wordy love was waiting for me! i may or may not have gone on a 'book-deprived' shopping spree on amazon.

she is the happiest kid i've ever had. everything is smiles. everything is happy.
she got herself stuck in the basket and was totally happy about it. 

i'm linking up with jeanette again.

it's been warm, albeit hot even. which hurts me to say. i hate the heat out here, so i'm thinking the beach or the pool this week. hope everyone says cool and has a great weekend!!
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