Sunday, March 31, 2013

my king

my king is risen and lives.
and today i live because he died.
i celebrate because he overcame death.
he lives. and i win.

happy resurrection day everyone. this is my king. do you know him?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Frame this moment

i took this photo of my sweet plump baby today.

and a friend suggested i should frame it. which reminded me of my fav blogger julie and her friend shauna. they are both framing moments.
taking the normal, the beautiful, the everyday moments and framing them.

this one is mine.
oh my word she is precious to me. 
my 18 lb 6 month old. 
far too soon she won't be sitting contently munching on doctor table paper, but rather complaining that she can be mobile and on the loose. 
i will remember this moment. and i will be framing this moment. 

{okay, and seriously. do yourselves a favor and check out those two amazing women. julie is by far one of my absolute favorites and i'm soooooo glad she back to blogging more. and shauna, i am just starting to read and i love it. plus she lives in hawaii. beautiful bonus! but really. go. read. grow.}

Friday, March 22, 2013


well hellooooo there.
i've been mia for a few weeks doing things like changing diapers, scraping boogies off the wall, paying off all of our debt. {yes, i just said, all of our debt. all of it. minus the house. but, more on that later}  you know all the normal stuff that a crazy life is made of.

linking up to show the week {or weeks, ahem, in my case} with jeanett.

this girl is 1 1/2 and we are in full on crazy toddler stage. she got all of her memos early, like crawling at 8 months and walking by 10, but this one is my least favorite. i do still love her though. 
here she can be seen saying, "this was once mine, so therefore it is still mine. step off."

this kid. he is not a fan of pants {who is?} and with our amazing spring weather takes any opportunity to go sans pants. now, the daddy in this house is cooler than cool. he used a ton of left over pvc pipe to make weapons. you can see in this photo a sward, a "bazooka" and the one he is holding actually is a sniper rifle (the scope is behind his head). daddy is pretty popular here. 

i've been striving to take walks in the evening as often as possible.

walks are being prompted by a failed {i mean major FAIL} attempt to fit in to normal people clothes. 

i just want to pour butter all of her rolls and nibble on them. and, put her in a dress! i die from the cuteness. 

she totally sucks her tongue and it's one of the cutest things ever.

he will be four in a few weeks and i can really tell he's growing. look at those chicken legs. 
he's got big feet too. gonna be a tall one. 

and this. this is just standard awesomeness on the way to grandma's house. 

well, i'm wishing i was at blissdom, but maybe next year. 

hope you all have a great weekend. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

our st. p's day

i woke up sunday morning and realized it was actually st. patrick's day.
i mean, i knew it was all along, and had been talking about it and looking at the baby's adorable tutu skirt for weeks.
but. i hadn't actually realized it was really already st. patrick's day.

in my world of sleep deprivation and boogers on the wall, {don't ask. it's the kid. i find them everywhere. i'd actually prefer he eat his boogers than put them on the wall as he does. everywhere. even at my mom's house. so so so so so nasty.}, it's a miracle i even knew it was sunday, let's just be honest.

upon my realization of the "holiday" (really?) and the fact that the girls are quite irish (though not catholic we still like to play along.) i simultaneously realized that the little one was going to be purple from all the pinching.

thus, i turned on disney channel and went to work making the cutest flippin' outfit for her and repurposing the babies onesie.


i loved it. the baby's onesie was a long sleeve and since california is clearly having a hot flash it wasn't going to work. i bravely cut off her sleeve and added the short sleeve cuff. then i took one of her sleeves, cut them into strips, did a baste stitch and sewed them onto a onesie. for her leggings i used a $5 pair of women's knee high socks and made a pair of baby legs.

did i mention i love them. the outfits turned out so good.
if i'd had more time i would have made the crazy toddler a skirt, but there are only so many times you can say, "mommy is almost done" before she'll start to unleash the wrath of the toddler. it's like when godzilla attacks a poor unsuspecting japanese village and everyone is running for their lives. the baby is a villager, but she can't crawl away so she becomes a victim. it's unreal the amount of anger that can live in a person so small and so cute. but, i warn you, do not be charmed by her adorably adorable looks. there is a fiery storm that brews in her and if you tell her the hated, yet most used word in her vocabulary, 'no.' you'd better duck and cover. we don't get out much. for fear that we will never be allowed back.

but this sweet angel baby.
i'm smitten. i like her all the time. except for at 2 a.m. i still love her then, but like is a whole other ball game.

anyway. our day wasn't very eventful, no parties or anything, but we did go to grandma and grandpas. the boy was up north with daddy. hiking, shooting guns, playing with cousins and dogs and getting dirty as every little boy should. making memories just the way i like. i did try to make a dress like i talked about, but let's just say it didn't work out too well. maybe another attempt this weekend, but we'll see.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

the itch

i've got the itch to do some sewing.
the boys are away this weekend for some family time. and, as much as i wanted to go, i'd rather listen to continuous nails on a chalkboard than the girls being stuck in a car for three hours. which is basically the same thing actually. 

so, while the boys are away mommy wants to play.
i've been wanting to go out and do some shopping for the girls with this warm weather we've been having. however, we are on a pretty tight budget. i actually love our budget, but it doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room for trendy shorts and such. 

however, i have a hoard of fabric that i like to pretend i'll do stuff with. it's my precious. i want to look at it and think about what i would do with it. and today {hopefully} i'm going to make something with them!

i'm thinking one of these babies for sure...

love this skirt for the little miss. it'd be so cute with jellies. 

this romper kills me. i'm thinking the baby would be amazingly adorable in it.

dresses on the girls are almost my favorite thing ever. and daddy really likes seeing them in them too.

i'm loving the skirt and this last dress. we'll see. i'll post pics of my final work!! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My surprise

Every night I think about how wonderful it would be to sleep with her snuggled close to me. To smell her sweet skin. To feel her breathing. To cuddle her and kiss her forehead as we both drift off to sleep.

I don't though. I'm fairly certain I'd squish her. Or I'd be so scared I'm going to squish her that I'd never fall asleep.

This sweet surprise of mine. She is so wonderful. I've expressed it before, but I never wanted her. She was not in my plan. I can say I was not excited nor happy about it. Probably even up to her delivery.

But now. I feel so different. I was certain I'd love her as most mothers love their babies. But, I never expected this much love. Or that I'd like her this much either.

My surprise. My gift. I've changed and grown with each baby. Not just in the stretching of the skin or growing of my feet, but in the stretching of my heart and growing of my soul. There are days when I feel the growing pains as I juggle children and responsibilities and a husband and my selfishness. But some days, it's nice. It's nice to feel myself grow. To see what and who I am turning out to be.

I love this girl. With more of my heart than I ever thought possible. Because she was my surprise. The surprise I never knew I needed.
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