Thursday, November 29, 2012

Instafriday {baby edition}

this girl melts my heart more than i thought possible.
i mean i have two kids already. i know what it feels like to have that "mama" love for your babies.
but this girl is different. which shouldn't surprise me since everything about her has been a surprise.

i don't know how i fell so hard but, what i do know is that this sweet girl is all mine.
and i am hers. and i am in love.
so here's my {very baby heavy} instagram feed photos for the past few weeks.

did you melt? i knew you would too. that little smile gets me every time. {swoon.} 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

giving thanks

thanksgiving used to be one of my favorite holidays.
i love the food and time spent with family.
i love the reason for it. to force ourselves to stop and {hopefully} take a whole day being grateful.

i used to love it, until my grandma carol died two days before thanksgiving.
wasn't she stunning.

now, a holiday that used to be so joyous and full, eight years later, still feels a little empty and sad.
i make the best of it and strive to find the joy and thanks in the day and in all the days for that matter. remembering how joyful and generous of a person she was helps.

other than the year she died, this was by far the hardest thanksgiving i've ever had.
and that means it was worse than the year we had the stomach flu and couldn't eat all the yummies.

the hubby worked and so i took all three kids to the station to be with our fire family instead.
i did this alone.
big mistake.

he works for one of the busiest fire houses in l.a. city. so needless to say we didn't get to see him very much for the 3 hours we were there. i'm going to guess it was a total of 45 mins? and those 45 mins were during the meal, and during the meal all three of my children decided it was official meltdown-in-front-of-the-entire-station-and-make-mommy-crazy-time.
we were a sight i'm sure.

on the drive home i balled my eyes out.
and then when i stopped i remembered that i am a crazy person with so very much to be thankful for.
i started listing all the things i have to be thankful for...a mini one thousand gifts if you will.
and i thought i'd share...

-a savior.
-healthy family.
-a job for my husband.
-that he works at a station with fellow believers.
-my mom, who after a long day of traveling comes to my house and bathes my kids for me.
-my husband and his constant love and wise counsel.
-my sweet boy.
-my crazy and way to adorable girl.
-my heaven smelling baby girl.
-our car.
-clean water.
-food in the fridge and our bellies.
-hot water.
-a warm bed.
-the ability to buy our children christmas gifts.
-the wisdom of wiser older women.
-dear friendships that allow me to be vulnerable with no judgement.
-my son's friendships.
-my crockpot.
-my sister, who tolerates my constant mothering of her.
-christmas music.
-our home.
-my dad, who has never stopped loving me no matter how hard i've ever been on him.
-our church.
-the wonderful people in our church community.
-my husbands family and my extended family.
-the way my children are loved on by our families.

i could go on forever, and i'm sure your list is similar. i hope everyone enjoyed a holiday filled with good food and family.

i know i am looking forward to this christmas season with much excitement and anticipation, but with a healthy dose of "it could be a real disaster" too. either way we'll make it thru and look back with laughter.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

if i had the time...

i have these pallets.
they are beautiful.
they are future crafts.
they drive the hubby crazy.

a typical convo regarding them goes like this:

him: i need fire wood, can i chop up your pallets?
me: NO! what are you crazy?!
him: why not? you aren't using them.
me: no but, i have plans for them.
him: like you have plans for the door that's been on the side yard for 4 years?
me: exactly. don't touch them.

but i really do have plans.
i just don't have time to execute said plans.

we recently re-arranged our bedroom and there is a p.e.r.f.e.c.t. wall space for some pallet art.
i want to do something like this....

sorry folks, the source for this one is all wacky.

or this...

or maybe a little something like this...

love this one too...

or i could just buy this one...

either way, i'm jonesing to do one. the time will come. and i feel it may be soon. 
now i just have to convince the hubby to let me use the power tools.
it would free up the space that the pallets have been taking up...doubt he'll go for it, but a girl can always try. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Candy Shortbread Bars {a.k.a. yummy evilness}

i've been doing a lot of baking.
it would be even more if the weather would stop have menopausal hot flashes.

with the influx of candy entering our home from halloween i wanted to do something with it other than eat it all.
i had this recipe for halloween candy shortbread bars on my pinterest board, and was wanting to try it, so good excuse to get the candy into the hands of others and not in my belly.
i enlisted mister mischief in the baking endeavor and we had so much fun. 

we unwrapped lots and lots of candy and much to mister mischiefs dismay we didn't eat any of it.

his job was to pour all the candy into the measuring bowl. 
ripping open the bags was a great fine motor skill activity, so i get a good mommy pass for the week.

here's the final product.
i've never made shortbread before and i think it turned out well.
definitely messy, and i think i'll add more chocolate chips to hold onto the candy next time.
they were delicious, and therefore i labeled them 'yummy evil,'
rather than yummy goodness because you just want to keep eating them. 

i'm linking up with 'keeping up with the johnsons' and showing something i actually made that i found via pinterest.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Instagram {our week(s)}

linking up with jeanett.
life rearranged

here's pics from our weeks...

my dress-up girl

my hot-mess girl

my quirky velociraptor girl

my sweet awake baby

my sweet sleeping baby

my handsome boy

my creative boy

my "what 'cha doin mama?" boy

evidence of my 'hard at work boy' all over the kitchen counter

and lastly, my favorite...
my melt my heart and make me cry sweet boy.

my week was really hard, but these pictures are evidence of wonderful moments. 
even in the dark there is still so much light, you just have to choose to find it.

have a great weekend!
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