Wednesday, August 29, 2012

why have i not done this before????

i made freezer meals today. they are all over pinterest and i was really wanting to try it.

people. it was crazy easy.

i should clarify that this mama can't exactly stand for more than 15-30 mins with out her belly starting to burn, so i had some legit kitchen help. therefore the "i" is more of a "we."

none the less. it was amazing.

we worked for maybe 1 1/2 hours and made 4 recipes, 2 meals each which gives me 8 dinners. CRAZY EASY!!!

i chose to do all crock pot meals since baby girl #2 is due any day, and i wanted to be able to drop them in the crock pot and have 'someone else' cook for me while i'm still in the don't-know-if-i-should-handle-an-open-flame-phase. commonly known as "baby fog."

we made:

i made the spaghetti with browned turkey meat, italian seasoning, a jar of tj's marinara sauce, and then added diced up veggies. easy peasy!

the only recipe we've not yet tried is the scalloped potatoes. i sounds great and hopefully the family will like it.

honestly people. why are we not doing this more!
my cooking partner and i plan on doing this again...or at least i plan on recruiting her to help me again.
i'd love to try some non-crock pot meals. like a chicken pot pie, or a beef enchiladas.
can't wait to show the hubster all i....i mean 'we' did.

you can get so many recipes from the amazing blog world, and make sure if you see something on pinterest to go to original link and give the lady some credit for her work!!!

i linked up to a fun blog where you share what you've actually made from pinterest.
nice to see the other blogs and see what worked and what flopped.
check it out!

Monday, August 27, 2012

the fair {how memories were made and i got over my fear of carnies}

last friday we spent the evening with some friends at the antelope valley fair.

now, i'm not a circus person. or a carnival person, or a really large crowds sort of person.
i've seen far to many episodes of csi.
i think that explains it mostly.

however, my huge fear of creeper carnies concerns needed to be put aside and he needed an 'adventure' as he calls it.

i'm so glad i did. he made such magical memories.
he was the oldest of all the kids so we did some fun littler stuff first.
like riding ponies. which on the ride home i was told, "they aren't a real ride, they are just ponies mom."
 they had a great farming exploratory area. he played with corn, and milked a "cow," used an old school water pump to push ducks around.

it was all very fun. sister was along for the ride, she was happy as long as she was eating something. 

what he really wanted to do.....was ride the ferris wheel.
 pretty sure i'm getting this blown up and hanging it up in our house. pretty sure that's magic right there.

he had talked about it from the moment he saw it on the free way.
"i want to ride that one mom." "look at that big ferris wheel." "oh, wow. is it my turn?"
sadly, he was maybe 1" too short.
there were tears. but, there were other rides too.
that smile melts me.
that's what it is all about.
he is making memories. memories he may tell his friends about.
memories he may even tell his kids about. but, definitely memories he'll carry for a long time.
he rode almost all the rides himself. 
i was so proud of my little boy who had zero fear and such joy during the whole experience.
these two make me smile.

it was a wonderful evening. we left after 9, and he talked the entire drive home.
no one tried to steal my kid, and the carnies were okay. 
glad i didn't get in the way of any magical moments and i did get to enjoy some nachos. 
so it was a win win for everyone. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


we've been busy this summer.

there's been some...
shark observing,

race track running,

eating of sand,

yoga posing, 

big boy hair cuts,

etsy order filling,

and starting preschool. 

it's been busy, but it's been filled with wonderful memories.
hope your summer has been filled with memories too. 
we are heading towards those weeks known as "baby watch 2012." 
i'm due soon and can't wait to have my body back, sorta. 

i'm gonna try to keep posting (ha!) and keep crafting a little too. 
just for some mama sanity.
speaking of sanity. did anyone notice my epic fail on this post?
well, if you did you are smarter than i. my mom had to tell me i messed up. 
yay for mommy brain. over it sooo bad right now. 
there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 
soon i will start loosing more sleep but then eventually working my way back to getting some sleep.

fun fun. have a great weekend everyone.
linking up with jeanett.
life rearranged

Thursday, August 16, 2012


this just happened...

i can't believe i have a three year old boy who is soooo excited about going to school

there were no tears. no wanting us to stay.
kinda proud of my independent boy!

the sun was in his eyes, but this mama still needed the photo for the scrapbook.
you have to have priorities.

we pick him up in a few hours. i have to say i kinda don't know what to do with the quiet in the house. and all the free time.

so glad daddy was home to come with us!!

kinda miss him, but so glad he's having fun, making new friends, and learning.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

everyday countdown clipboard

i hate how long it takes me to do anything these days.
should probably get used to will do that to ya.
none the the craft project.
so, were you trying to guess what it was?
did you guess a clip board?
if were right!
here's my finished project.

an everyday countdown clipboard!

i wanted a clipboard to help countdown events that could stay up year round.
i have one for christmas, but this will be able to be up for the everyday stuff, like when school starts, birthday's, daddy coming home from a long time at work, vacations, etc...

so helpful to have this for the little mischief maker dude. he has zero concept of time, as he should at three. drives this mama crazy though...

i only needed to buy the clip board, but i used scrapbook paper, mod podge and chalkboard paint so i can change the event anytime i need to.
love the fun sparkle dots too...
it's beautiful and fun and something i've wanted to make for a while.

Monday, August 6, 2012

this just in...

i am actually crafting right now.

crazy right?

nope. you read it correctly. i am doing a craft. i haven't done one in ages.

you'll have to stay tuned for the final project.

but, i'll leave you with this sneak peek....
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