Wednesday, May 23, 2012


there are wonderful things happening.

my sweet babies are deep in that wonderful place called dream land.

a wonderful fresh baked "best-cookies-in-the-universe" is in my hand.
and no i won't share the recipe. you'd fill my in box with hate mail verbalizing how mad you are at the increase of your waist line. i'll just take care of them for you since my waist line is increasing anyways.
i'm a wonderful person. you can thank me.

a wonderful cup of re-heated 10 times fresh coffee is in my hand.

wonderful grey's anatomy reruns are on.

and the wonderful squishy couch is calling my name.

i'll leave you with this wonderfulness...siblings...

Friday, May 18, 2012

insta friday {mother's day}

linking up with jeanett to share some of my week.

life rearranged

we spent mother's day at this mama's favorite place.
the beach.

i love it there. i've made that clear.
it was even more fantastic with my babies and my family.
{only sad part was daddy was working}

so here's just a few from that day...
isn't my mama beautiful?
we are really starting to look alike as i grow up. 
so grateful for my mom. 
she is amazing in every way shape and form.

enjoying when mr. sun popped his head out to shine on us.

hope you had a good week and have something fun planned this weekend.

right now my boys are sleeping in this....
hopefully it'll last all night.
we'll see.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wednesday's are wonderful

about last week. sorry.
life gets me some days.

welcome to wonderful wednesdays. 
if you're new here, i started this series to help me stay accountable in two ways.
1. blogging on a weekly basis.
2. be grateful.

that being said...
mister mischief:
you have such a wonderful love for water. 
i think all boys do, but that's just my guess.
whether it's soap in a bucket with a sponge or the ocean you are totally happy. i think that is so great and i hope you always share the love for the water.

baby sister:
watching you rub your virgin baby toes in the sand was wonderful. and after running the grains thru your sweet fingers, you did the normal baby thing. you ate it. 
though we did try so hard with the "bo-bo" in your mouth to keep it from happening. 
no such luck. oh well. 

i also think that your need for me is so wonderful. i love that you are a total mama's girl. 
i love it because i know it won't last.
 i know some day you are going to realize how much you have that daddy wrapped around your chubby baby fingers...and you'll be done with me. 
so i'll take each wonderful snuggle sesh as often as i can. 

well that's my wonderful for the week. i hope you had a few "wonderful" moments in your week too!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Insta friday

linking up for my week with my babies...

lovey girl is a cuddler. so unlike her brother

wanted to try and show how cute her hair was in her clip, but the sight of mommies phone insights mass excitement in the little swiper.

it's been a warm few days and little girl really wanted to be big like brother and swim in our new pool.

that's one way to watch tv.

peek-a-boo. crawly-mc-crawlerson is everywhere these days.
and nothing is safe.

my date on sunday. he paid and opened the doors for me.

he has a total servants heart. which is something i desire to foster in him. 
and that works out nicely because i have no problems with child labor either. 

they're gone. i chopped the curls.
i miss them too, but i don't miss the sweaty head. they'll grow back. they always do.

i love her.

hope you all had a great week. mine was hard, but good. 
growth is never easy...enjoy your weekends friends!!

life rearranged

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

wonderful wednesdays

welcome to wonderful wednesdays!
on wednesdays i try to highlight some of the ways my kids are so crazy wonderful.

mister mischief:
you. you are just plain old wonderful. 
you are busy. you are constantly wanting to do something. 
some days there is a lot jumping. 
some days there is puzzles, and cooking projects and busy boxes. 
every day is an adventure with you.

our lovey girl:
your love for movement and exploration is so wonderful right now!
you are on. the. move!
and as if crawling wasn't enough for you now you are constantly trying to stand up. 
and so proud of yourself after each attempt.
i love it.

our new little girl:
your kicks are so wonderful.
i am enjoying each little movement.
it's such a beautiful reminder that you are there and you are relying on me to help you grow. 

i hope you are having a wonderful wednesday yourself! enjoy the rest of your week. see you friday!

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