Friday, April 27, 2012

lovely lovely friday

linking up my photos of my week.
join jeanett as we share the everyday wonderful, chaos, and lovies of our weeks.

life rearranged

could this dish washer get any cuter? 

we were so happy to spend saturday evening celebrating the much anticipated wedding of these beautiful people!!
so fun to have a night off from the kiddos and do grown up stuff. 
even if i didn't get to participate in the grown up drinks.

making up for not participating in the bar festivities was the best idea i've ever seen at a wedding...
sees candy on every table!!!!
 there were three preggos at our table and this is all that was left. 
you have no idea how badly i wanted to go pillage all the bordeaux yummies from the other tables.

my mama's roses are stunning year after year.
she has people stop and take photos of them because they wrap around the entire side of the house.

i might be the first woman sent to jail for eating her child, because i'm not sure i can contain myself.
this cuteness is outta control.
and the bow? stop it. just stop it.

and....this is Hazel. 
SHE will be much loved and mister mischief is very happy he will get two sisters, 
cause that's all he's been asking for.
 no joke. he wants sisters. :) love that boy's heart.

have a beautiful weekend people!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wonderful wednesdays

i've been wanting to start a series that keeps me accountable to blogging more often.

but i didn't want to do the 'what i wore wednesday' any more. being preggo doesn't motivate me to be cute in my clothes.
i just want to wear stretchy pants, a sports bra and my hair up in a pony.
just keepin it real. 

speaking of keepin it real...
it's true i love to craft. i love to read blogs. i love chocolate and peanut butter. 
but it's also true i don't always love being a mom. it's hard work.

really hard work. i know it's mostly the stage of their life that makes it hard having kids, but man. 
this mama is tired. 

so, my new series is gonna help me focus on the wonderful things. thus 'wonderful wednesdays.'
i want to take every wednesday to highlight one or two things about each baby that i think is wonderful about them!

mister mischief:
i think your love for life is wonderful!
i wish i had have the joy for anything that you have for bubbles! 
you love music. and it's hilarious the songs you make up on your new guitar, drum & piano toy. 
most of them are a combination of jesus loves me, the abc's, twinkle twinkle little star all put together.

my lovey girl:
your quirkyness is so wonderful!
 you went shopping with me and kept that ring in  your mouth the entire time. i was dying. you didn't need any other toys at all.
you love to play peak-a-boo. you'll instigate it with your blankets and get such a big smile when we "find" you!

my babies are wonderful.

 they are my blessings.
(he turned 3 this month.)

hope you'll come back next week for more wonderfulness...and we'll know who's in my belly by then, so we'll probably have a special announcement!

Friday, April 20, 2012


linking up with jeanett to share my pics from this week. 

life rearranged

this is his grumpy face. i like to smooch it, and then it gets even more grumpy. 

i had some big decisions to make with access to the sister-in-laws nail polish stash.
i chose the grey one, front row right hand side. 

sister is a big fan of the splits. wish i was that bendy.
and yes, i am letting her chew on cars with tiny wheels. 
second kid, not that stressed.

fantastic evening for a walk. 
all that was missing was the daddy.
{call me crazy, but those baby thighs are delicious looking}

love these two together. 
they are kinda my favorites.

it is hot enough for mama to go a little crazy, 
so we busted out the cutest little girl swim suit and headed to the pool!!
thanks miss stacy!!

that was just a snippet of our week in pics. hope you had a great week. 
we have a fun wedding that we have been anticipating for a while tomorrow. can't wait!!

and....i'm planning on starting a new series next'll have to stop by to see!

Monday, April 9, 2012

excited to announce...

this is my first ever craft camp for girls!! 
i've been working on this idea for a month or so now, and i am soooo excited to announce it!!

each lovely lady will take home a craft every day, along with making wonderful summer memories!!
email me if interested and we'll get you marked down for a spot.

can't wait to get my craft on this summer!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Instafriday {snow edition}

we got snow in our local mountains and just knew it had to be played in.

or as mister mischief calls it...we had to go on an adventure.

we had a blast. there was sledding and eating snow. not yellow snow.
although we did descover how to make yellow snow.
that was fascinating for an almost 3 year old.

and speaking of almost 3 year baby boy turns 3 tomorrow.

i can't believe it. he grew up way too fast. 

go enjoy your weekend, while i enjoy smooching on my big 3 year old boy!!

linking up with jeanette

                                                      life rearranged
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