Friday, January 27, 2012

my week was blessed {instafriday}

my week was blessed by:
sweet faces...
sleepy babies...
walks around the lake with my monkey boy...
costco...{can you find the baby?}
sleeping boys with wonderful crazy hair...
mandatory coffee date with my mister mischief...
looking {but not touching} at ducks and telling them "come on ducks, follow me"...
every morning being greeted by this face...
couch time with him...

how was your week blessed? 

linking up with jeanette. 
life rearranged

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIWW {week 5}

decided to just show you one outfit this week.

i really looked cute on friday for a 30th birthday party we went to, but of course i didn't take a picture.

so here's my saturday outfit. it was rainy. kinda. any excuse to wear my fav rain boots.

jeans: skinny gap
ruffle tank: kohls
grey tank: gap
yellow long sleeve: target
flower pin: me
green polka dot boots:

thanks for stoping by. have a great week. 

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Friday, January 20, 2012


this week we:
snuggled daddy {a lot}
visited mommy's happy place
wore these beauties {even if it didn't rain}
loved finding this boy all snug on the couch by himself
{perfect opportunity to smother him with mommy smooches!}
started cereal
{jury's still out if we like it, BUT it has helped us sleep!!!!}
enjoyed late night snacks
{daddy & i that is}
loved on this smiley happy silly girl
worked on etsy orders
made baby tents
snuggled, kissed, and filled this mommy's heart with love.

what did you do this week?

linking up with jeanette at life rearranged.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIWW {week 4?}

not sure how many weeks we're at. 3? 4?
either way...

here's my outfits from this week...

jeans: sexy boot gap
shoes: target
lace tank: kohls
ruffle bib top: jcpennys 

jeans: sexy boot gap
blue tank: old navy
cream sweater: kohls
necklace: haiti

saturday date night
jeans: always skinny gap
lace tank: kohls
blue ruffle tank: marshalls
cream sweater: kohls

jeans: always skinny gap
t shirt: target
grey cartigan: old navy
rain boots: 6

i'm linking up with lindsey over at the pleated poppy. there are so many cute ladies showcasing their super cute wardrobe. you should head over there and give them some blog love. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


what does the word special mean to you?

does it mean something wonderful? or does it mean something "not normal"? 

like when someone says, "oh, well they're special." or.
like "special ed." or.
like the "special bus."

to me when someone is labeled "special" it makes my blood boil.
which i feel i must explain. 

my sister emily was born on March 20, 1984 with spina bifida. and her entire life has been a battle.
an up hill battle to just. be. normal.
to not be special. in the "special ed" way, but special in the wonderful way.

i have watched her be ridiculed. 
i have watched her be humiliated.
i have watched her be watched by others who can't stop starring.
i have watched her heart be broken.
i have watched her be gracious.
i have watched her overcome.
i have watched her triumph over societies standards for her.
i have watched her soar. 

she has dreams.
she has goals.
she has a life.
a life that she lives harder than anyone else.
a life that she must fight to be accepted in every day.

a few years ago i was introduced to the best blog ever.

she has a magical little girl named nella. 
she was born with an extra special chromosome.
it was a surprise to everyone, but they new she would be something special.

kelle has taken on using her beautiful, amazing, fantabulous blog to help spread awareness and love for the down syndrome family. 

it's almost nella's second birthday and they have a goal. 
to help dreams come true for families who only want their children to be seen how they see them.

a gift.

so go over to kelle's blog. read nella's birth story. 
get to know them. fall in love with them.
watch kelle's video. and then donate. 

do it. do it for nella. do it for those beautiful babies in the video. 
do it for emily. 

thank you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

random ramblings

so. how are you guys?
good. good.

we are crazy. just like normal. wouldn't have it any other way.

baby sister is 4 months old and trying desperately to roll over.
she did successfully do it once, but as the amazing mother i am i did not have the camera on in time.

she is still not sleeping all night. shoot me. 
i'm a zombie most days. 
starbucks is my friend and that's all there is to say about that.

we've been doing lots of projects for the mister mischief. 

 colored rice for a sensory bin

 busy boxes:
1. stringing beads on pipe cleaners
2. sorting pom-poms w/ pliers into saved egg cartons

i've made quite a few boxes lately.
trying not to feel like a bad mommy since my kid watches a lot of t.v. in the a.m. {zombie mommy is just not up for entertaining}, so i want stuff for him to do or that we can do together in the p.m.

we made a color matching box using paint chips.
i thought this was a great box, until he broke some of the clothes pins. 
i made another one with "jewels" and glass fish tank marbles for him to search for buried treasure in!
that idea i got from this site.

my girlfriend also did a whole post on busy bags/boxes. you can check it out here.

we also did some science projects.
this is called "exploding colors."
you put drops of food coloring into milk, 
then you drop a little drop of dish soap on top of them and they explode. it's pretty cool!

as far as me...i want to craft really bad. 
i'm dying to make a clothes pin wreath for the front door. 
maybe this next nap time? or i could take a nap. that is a tough one.

you know that song from that one band about "your hair is everywhere..." 
{you know, that one.}
omg that song might just be about me. my hair is falling out like crazy!
i don't know, maybe it's not about me specifically. 
because my hair falling out isn't screaming infidelities, more hormonal changes. 
but that's probably not a very trendy lyric. 
"your hair is everywhere...screaming hormonal changes..."
 nope doesn't have the same ring to it.

either way, i feel like chewbacca shedding his winter coat. it's royally rediculous.

so that's us. our life. 
baby doesn't sleep, but she is super cute so she'll get a pass for right now.
mister mischief is 100% owning up to his title. 
daddy works like crazy. 
and i am a shedding zombie. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

my week {instafriday}

linking up with jeanett at life rearranged

life rearranged

hope you enjoy...cuz, i did...
it was wonderful.
it was crazy.
it was ridiculously warm weather.
it was full of love.
but how could it not be with these sweet loves of mine.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


kinda proud of my progress this week. 
i got pics of almost every day!!!

so, if you're new to this {which i'm sure you're not, but i'll explain anyway} i am linking up with lindsey cheney over at the pleated poppy. it's a challenge to put effort into our wardrobe and not be ubber contented in sweats. {which i will also say, i have no problem with sweats.} 

pleated poppy
so here's my week:
{notice anything different? hmmm? yes, the amazing brooke did it again! great hair cut and color}
pants: gap
both tanks: old navy

                              thursday: {my day look}                      thursday: {evening look}
                                potty training day one                    bible study date night with girls 
                                      pants: target                                          pants: ???
                                   lace tank: kohls                                  lace tank: kohls
                                  t-shirt: lafd wear                                striped shirt: kohls
                                                                                             necklace: target

                                        friday:                                                        friday:
{potential movie date at nap time with the hubs}           {no movie date with the hubs} 
                                   shirt: target                                                 shirt: target
                               lace tank: kohls                                           lace tank: kohls
                         jeans: gap skinny jeans                                jeans: gap sexy boot
                        new boots!!!:                         staying at shoes needed
                  necklace: haitian made jewelry                              necklace: forever21
                         from 3 Angels ministry

{worship team meeting in the a.m.}
lace ruffle shirt: old navy
tank: old navy
jeans: gap skinny jeans
socks: target
boots: new boots from
{$100 for only $35.99 w/ no shipping or tax!!!}
go get your hubby's permission to spend half of his paycheck 
and then go the site and buy awesome stuff. 

so...that's my week.

i love my new hair cut. just hate that i can't do it as nice as brooke can at my appointment. 
if i ever won the lottery, she'd be at my house every morning to make me look beautiful. that would be the life. 

hope you're having a great week. 
stop by friday when i link up my week in instagram pics!
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