Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 {a year in review}

it's been a big year for us.
i'll let my photos speak for themselves...

someone turned 3.
we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary.
someone else turned 1.
and a whole new someone joined our family.

i hope your year was full of blessings, joy and only a few tears {let's be honest mine was full of lots of tears}, and lots of laughter {mine was!}.
see you next year...

life rearranged

Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas card conundrum

i worked for days on our christmas cards this year.
when i say cards{s} i mean that i made four different versions before we got the final product.

i wanted to use a fun website designed for photo editing and collages.
picmonkey is so much fun. and i love the name.

we had photos of the girls taken by the amazing nicole hahn and those needed to be used, and just any old card wouldn't have worked for me this year. or at least that's what i wanted to do.

here are my masterpieces...
loved the chevron.
loved the way the kids were all in a row on the bottom.

going with the trendy chalkboard look.

this last one was the chosen one. 
i loved it.
but alas, the conundrum, printing this lovely seasonal greeting would have cost us my first born son.
{which i didn't find out till after my weeks of work.}
and, being that i was going to get my cards free from shutterfly, i should probably just choose one of those. {tear.}

since you can't argue with free, this one it is.

wishing you all a very wonderful christmas.
surround yourself with those you love.
enjoy being glutinous and eat as much as possible. {can't wait to devour some Swedish meatballs this year!!}
sit and take in the chaos of wrapping paper and empty toy boxes, and don't clean it up. 
and remember that Christ was the best, first and only gift we truly will ever need.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Intstafriday {it's almost Christmas edition}

i meant to post this yesterday, but we had a christmas party here last night and never got around to it.
these are my photos from last week.
capturing little moments with my phone. {okay, anyone else say almost daily, "what did we do before iphones?" seriously. love that thing.}

lunch all by my self. 
nuf said.

this child has fantastic hair. 
and with fantastic hair you get even better bed-head hair.

i am making the boy a few capes for christmas. 
this is the felt pieces for his captain america one.
he's going to poop his pants he'll be so excited.

a few gift cards for our wonderful mail man.
it's so important not to forget the people who do the little things.

just chillin.

this is my other soul mate. 
my cousin molly. we're pretty much inseparable when we get the chance to be together.
most people think we are sisters. 

i don't know where she got this idea....

oh wait, never mind. i do know where she got that idea.

do not, for your own safety, go to costco.
holy crazy vile it's nuts there!

the next few days are filled with parties and wrapping gifts {which my baby sitter is doing for me tonight!! ha. i hate wrapping presents, so this is a big time win for me.} and enjoy our daddy being home for 7 days.
have a wonderful holiday!

life rearranged

Friday, December 14, 2012

a Disneyland day and more {intstafriday}

snapshots of our week:

i got a great deal on a double stroller second hand and the weather was so nice we decided to take it for a spin around the block. 

our crazy idea on sunday was to go to disneyland. with all three kids.
stopin at in-n-out for a {cheaper} quick bite before entering the park.

pretty much what i did most of the day.
 hang with the stroller and the sweet babe inside. 

it was chilly. but a monkey on your back always helps.

daddy and his lovey on the carousel.
one of the only rides i got to go on too. 

baby safety is why we don't do tummy time during everyone else's awake time.

the christmas tree has led to a lot of timeout time.

glad these are almost filled and out of my house {goal for today is to drop them off}.
that toffee crack is something else.
and by "something else" i mean, holy crap that is good and i might just eat the whole bag.

last little shot from our d-land day.
love my baby girl.
and i needed to prove i was there.

linking up with jeanett.
have a wonderful weekend folks!

life rearranged

Friday, December 7, 2012


our week has been full.
full of christmas activities.
full days with daddy home. {my favorite kind of days.}
here's a little glimps from my instafeed...

had to get the cool blurry/sparkle pic of the tree.
don't mind the kid with no pants. he's very comfortable at home.
drops them within 30 secs of coming in the front door and exclaims, "my pants keep me hot."
nuf said kid, mama wants to wear no pants too.

this buttery goodness turned into these:
i'd pinned them long ago, and finally 'tis the season to make them.
they were delish!

aftermath of making oreo crusted peanut butter bars. i will re-make, photo and post the recipe. 
they are technically to give away, but the hubby keeps sneaking some, not sure we'll have any left.

lots of crafting! and gift making.

these are called 'pocle' sticks in our house now. and i may never refer to them any other way.

this little one is a fantastic, beautiful, hot mess of a disaster.
she's totally crazy and sassy and firey and oozes attitude, but i kinda love it and think she's awesome.

sometimes we get snuggles.

sometimes we steal them.

don't you wear a monkey backpack to the table? 
and using the fork the regular way is so last year.

linking up with jeanette. hop over and give the other photos a look. happy friday folks!

life rearranged

Thursday, December 6, 2012

{new} christmas card holder

i used to have a christmas card holder from target.
it was super cute, the shape of a tree with swirly wires that you put the cards in. but, it was never big enough and the cards would always fall out.

so last year i made one out of a frame using twine & glitter covered clothespins. 
it was super cute, but again not enough space.

this year i knew i needed to either get more frames or do something different.
and then, one day i was on pinterest and saw the cutest door all decorated for christmas with their christmas cards. so, i hopped over to her blog and loved it, but don't have a door to wrap.
well. except for the creepy door to the old water heater closet, but i won't open it because it gives me the willies.

so instead, i had the idea to wrap my kitchen cabinets with red yarn and hang my cards from them.
i love it.
love love love it.

i love that i get to see the cards all the time, and that my boy asks about the families on the photos. we only have a few right now, but i can't wait till they are all full of our wonderful friends and family!
it was super easy and extremely inexpensive!

and in other news i've been baking and making treats like a crazy lady who needs a sugar fix.
i won't lie that like most good bakers i've been sampling my own creations. it's for the good of those i'm gifting them to. i truly wouldn't be a good friend if i didn't eat one or five of the cookies i made.

my pinterest 'yummo' board has really been useful. man, i love that site.
anywho. linking up to a few great blogs. have a good weekend!!

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