Saturday, December 31, 2011


well, 2011 we've had some good times.

some crazy times. like the baby sister's birth.
some relaxing times. like our trip to jamaica.
some stressful times. like my hotel mess up in San Diego.
and some very crafty times. like sister's new room.

but, i'm glad 2011 is over.
it gives me the opportunity to start a whole new year. or at least that's what i was thinking the other day.
how great it is that at the beginning of the year, we all get to start over.

change the things we didn't like.
about our body, our schedule, our habits, our finances, whatever....

but the truth is we get that opportunity every day. we get the blessing of waking up in the morning with the chance to do everything differently than we did the day before.

did i make memories with my children last year? sure.
did i make memories with my children yesterday. i'm not so sure.

memories are not necessarily defined by great events.
although they do include the big fun trips and vacations. i love all my memories of our fun family vacations as a child. disneyland, kauai, big bear, disney world with our best friends, but some of my best memories are the little things. like whenever my dad could pick up our car pool from school on friday's he'd take us to long's drugs and get us all a scoop of ice cream. or when we moved, all the fun puppet shows we did in the giant boxes. it's the little things.

the little do i make up for all the little things i didn't do with my son.

i can't change the fact that i "didn't" yesterday, but i can "do" today.
i can play with him even if there are dishes in the sink.
i can do shaving cream art, even if it's going to be a giant mess.
i can do snuggling time with him in bed, even if my one favorite show is calling my name.
i can do 4 a.m. feedings with the baby, even if my pillow is telling me to lay back down.

all these moments will never repeat themselves. i will never be in this moment with this child ever again.
and i will regret that i didn't live fully in that moment that God gave me.
i will not regret that i didn't check facebook one more time. or pin just one more thing on pinterest.

how will i choose to face each day in 2012?
i will choose to live with grace in my own life.
i will choose to live in little-boy-made messes.
i will choose to live in moments.
i will choose to enjoy each chance i have to snuggle my ever growing boy. even if it means i watch cars 2 for the 5th day in a row.
i will choose to enjoy 4 a.m. when the sweet girl molds with my body for her early morning feeding.
i will choose to be more organized with my responsibilities so that all these other things can happen.

i will choose to enjoy. period. just enjoy.
all photos were taken by the fabulous nicole hahn!
what will you choose to do to enjoy 2012? {remember you don't have to have a blogger account to leave comments.}

have a safe, and happy new year everyone!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


i'm linking up with jeanett at life rearranged to share my week in pics.
i use the instagram app on my iphone.

oh. wait. didn't i tell you?! 
i got and IPHONE!!! the hubster is a very sneaky daddy. i really didn't think i'd get it.

so, i have been loving the instagram app. taking pictures of my fav things thru out the week. feel free to follow me. i'm akneisler.

sweet little girl enjoyed her first christmas.
her smiles and coos are all the time now. these are special papa smiles.
new tradition. 
the kids are asleep.
the paper is cleaned up.
it's hamburger time.
even if i have to drive to the other side of the valley to the only burger place that is open.
could eat her! 
she is so happy. and i am so happy to have her!
dear starbucks...
thank you for providing yummy legal addictive stimulates. 
this mama needs them. 
baby in the bed.
superboy to the rescue!!
worlds. best. cookies.
amazing! simply amazing. 
ate way too many yesterday!

have a great weekend friends. happy new year!! 

life rearranged

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIWW {back again!}

i am back! woot-woot!
to say it's been a while is a serious understatement. 
starting to feel better about the post baby body and put more effort into my wardrobe everyday, so i'm linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy!
pleated poppy
 christmas day-
lace tank: kohls
cotton flannel: vans (hubby gave me that morning.)
jeans: gap skinny
boots: gabriella rocha

same tank from sunday
t-shirt: target
sweater: hurley (also from the hubby)
jeans: no clue
shoes: grey crocs (just like vans chucks, but better for my feet!!)
tank: kohls
outer tank: gap
sweater: target
jeans: gap sexyboot
shoes: grey crocs again

so there you have it. three whole days of outfits.
not bad for someone who tends to not get out of her pjs till after 11 a.m. 

looking forward to sharing more outfits together. maybe i'll do a what-the-baby-wore-wednesday post one week. :) 
she is cute and has some seriously adorable outfits. infact...
christmas eve-
headband- mommy
shirt- mommy
sweater- pumpkin patch
jeans- kohls

see. isn't she stinkin' cute?!?! i sure think so. see you next wednesday!! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


what's happen' y'all?
okay. i don't have an accent, but thought that'd be fun to say.

we are busy over here. it's been all party party party the last few weeks. and just craziness every night after the kids go to sleep.

re-wrapping, cause they look awful. (not my gift, the art of wrapping)
calling my sister-in-law to come and save the wrapping disaster of 2011. (definitely her gift.)
hiding gifts (the hubby is a horrible snoop)

i realized the little girl is 3 months old (well, i didn't realize, i knew.) and i haven't shown you pics in a while.

so here's what's happening these days:

tummy time.

she's so cute. except at 1 a.m. cute. but maybe not "so cute." she's really good at tummy time, and then she does her other trick that i didn't photo. puke. girl loves to puke.

finding our hands.

they are constantly in her mouth, and i've caught her a few times watching them.
i love knowing that she is making connections in her sweet little brain. she's growing and learning something new all the time.

wait for it.........trying to roll over.

i know. proposterous! she's 13 weeks and trying hard everyday to freak me out and make me cry mommy tears because my baby i just brought home from the hospital is trying to roll off the bed, couch, and any other surface i put her on. seat belts are buckled to keep this one in place.


there's been an infestation of lizards in our house thanks to mister mischief's great grandma. there are frequent attacks and they usually tend to be focused on my butt. i also find them in random places (see photo above.) apparently they needed to eat ice chips. maybe they were going to give birth soon? never helped me, but hey whatever works.

 they make me bubble over with love. especially when she hasn't seen me in a while (5 mins in baby world is almost an eternity.) and the talking. kills me. i have no problem making a huge fool out of myself to get her to {almost} laugh.

my boy wants to cook all the time. lucky for him i can't help but bake during the holiday season. christmas at our house means pumpkin chocolate chip bread. they will serve this in heaven. and it will have no calories or repercussions for your hips up there either. bonus!
his super cute apron is from April.

big girl sitting in her big girl seat.
she wants to be big and sit so much, so i busted out the good ole' bebe pod and voila we are sitting.
don't you want to kiss her lips and then spike her little mohawk.

so that's been what's goin' on around here. hope it's not too busy where you are and that you get to sit, relax and enjoy the upcoming holiday.

happy {crafting} holidays

how do you like to celebrate the holidays?

i like to craft. this season makes me need to glue, paint, sew & modge podge something!

i know we talked about it on this post, but here is my finished advent calendar!!
it was done a few weeks ago, but i have had a busy boy & little girl making melt-your-heart smiles at me so blogging has been on the back burner.

you likey? me too. it was complicated, but i am in love with it.
i love that it will be a part of our family tradition for a long time.

the back is a piece of plywood, and the pockets are all coin envelopes. i used e-6000 (WOW that stuff is amazing) to adhere the pockets to the board.

the cards have the activity on them for that day, and there are some super fun ones!
bake christmas goodies
color christmas pictures
make new christmas ornaments
donate cans & toys
deliver goodies to daddy's fire station
go look at christmas lights
drink hot cocoa

made something else too...
i had a different christmas card holder, but they always fell down. so this year i made my own!!
i love it!! i will say i should have made two, because now it's super full. i'll just need to get another frame down from my stock in the garage and string up some more twine!

well, my hot glue gun is calling. few more gifts i need to finish making and christmas is only five days away! crazy.

i'm linking up here:

i hope you are having a happy holiday season!

Monday, December 5, 2011

my {unrealistic} christmas list

christmas in my home is about the kids. as it should be.

but i figure that shouldn't stop me from making a wish list.
even if most of it is slightly unrealistic.

here it is:
1. more than one night every two weeks of 7 hrs sleep. ahhh that would be so awesome.

2. a cup of coffee. not just any cup. but one that i can enjoy in it's entirety without microwaving multipule times and then saying forget it and only having 1/2 a cup.

3. a bath. not a 5 mins-of-peace shower, but a bath. a real bath with lots of bubbles, and classical music on, and a alcoholic beverage of some sort in my hand. preferably in this bath tub.

4. to take a drive without one or both kids screaming. little miss hates, with a capitol H, Hates her car seat.

5. these sexy boots.

6. a sexy body to go with said sexy boots.

7. an iphone!!!! i know this won't happen because we can't renew till august.
{i like how i said that as if some of the other things might happen. like the sexy body one. ha.}

8. a big bowl of peanut butter chocolate ice cream. drool!
{for those who don't know, that won't happen for a while. little girl can't handle dairy. i know, why live right? i cry daily.}

9. world peace. just thought i'd add that for kicks.

10. one of everything from my pinterest style board. when the hubby asked what i wanted that's where i told him to look. he laughed at me.

in all reality i did get a pretty cute early christmas gift.

and i already had these two.
all in all, i have even more than i could ever wish for.
what are you wishing for this year? {real and unrealistic}

christmas crafting

one of my favorite parts of christmas is the decorations.

i don't know why but all my crafty bones just ache to create this time of year. i don't have a ton of time, but thankfully i do have an independent, crafty boy. so when i'm not nursing or sweet talking my little lady we are crafting.

mommy's been making:
countdown-to-christmas clipboard!
this has been fun every morning. it helps him see the days go by as we get close to christmas.
or maybe he just likes trying to rip the papers off before i can lift the clip thing.
i prefer to think it's the more productive conceptual understanding of days leading up to or counting down to christmas.

our advent calendar.
this is just a peak. it's almost done.
yes. i know it's already december 5.
thankfuly my son can't totally count or tell time in anyway, so he is none the wiser.

mr mischief is making:
baby jesus in the manger pics.
peek-a-boo jesus. haha!!

love that my son has the desire to create as well. he is such a mini me. we went on a painting spree and painted a ton of craft sticks. more to come with those...

on a random-i-love-my-son note.
we went to d-land the day before our passes expire.
it was a hard day with tantrums and no nap. however, watching him get excited about the christmas lights and small world is always worth it.

i totally cried like a girl kept it together while they lit up small world with a million beautiful christmas lights.

this picture was at the end of the fireworks on mainstreet, right as it started to snow.
i love it.
hope you are all enjoying your start to the holiday season!
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