Wednesday, August 31, 2011

baby girls nursery...

you've all been very patient.
here you go:

i love it. my hubby has been the most amazing handyman getting this room done.
he did the floors, the walls, the new door, the moulding, the chair rail, all the painting, etc...

this wall might be my favorite!
letter c: from ballard design
embroidery hoops: jo-anns & some from home
fabric in hoops: beverlys
i made the bunting one (remember the triangles?) and the flower one.

ladder shelf: homegoods
bottom farm basket: container store
middle farm basket: marshalls
cute box on top: jo-anns
knobs on dresser: anthro (ages ago purchase that i never used!)

i made the 'baby' sign with my cricut.
and re-used the baskets on the top shelf from mr. mischief's room
the other baskets in the floor shelf were parts of gifts.

corner cubbard was from my mom's house and is old,
but i couldn't tell you how old.
old books (original brother's grimm fairy tales, my childhood bible, "emily post's guide to etiquette", my grandmother's copy of "the notebook" and some Shakespeare)
small easle painting was done by the big brother
tin bucket for hair things: target
kiss, love, hugs pillows: a store in tennessee from ages ago.
button bouquet: me diy
house frame w/ picture of mr. mischief: homegoods
masson gars & milk glass: antique store in Cambria
beautiful tulip painting: my husbands grandfather

my mom made the bumper!! and the dustruffle is from restoration hardware.
BUT, i got it at the outlet for only $23!!!!!!!! amazing find.

bird art: mommy & cousin molly diy
frames from all over and spray painted to be similar
butter pats are from my personal collection when i was a girl.

just had to put this last one of the mischief maker. i think he's excited for her to come and stay in her room since it's all we've been working on and talking about. let's just hope he doesn't try to climb in while she's in there.

well. i hope you liked it, and that the photos did it justice. thanks for being patient. i know it took a while, but i'm thrilled with the result. i find myself in there just rocking away thinking about what it'll be like to actually have her here soon! hopefully sooner than later too!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

we're in for a heap of trouble...

first mistake...going into baby gap.

second mistake...bringing my husband.
not for the reason you'd think. he is a good shopper actually. the littlest man hates all things stores, but that's probably because he hates to sit still in the cart or stroller. actually, my husband will spend more money than i will sometimes. hence, mistake number two.

have you seen the new girl stuff at baby gap? do yourself a favor and check it out if you're having a girl. but first do yourself another favor and cut up your credit card.

i wanted one of everything in every size for her. i'm not a fru-fru girly-girl, but i love vintage feminine. and that is SO what their new line is!!! very up-town new york vintage adorable.

case in point:
she'd need a little party to go to in this one. adorable.

i almost died over this jacket...can they make one in grown-up sizes too?

i did buy this one. super cute and a nice not-pepto-bismol pink to add to her wardrobe.
we did walk away with this dress. all at the hubby's request. i was going to put it back (even though i really liked it), especially since daddy found the little man some big rig truck pjs (that weren't on sale) and they needed to be purchased.

but i have a feeling this little girl is going to be slightly spoiled by her daddy. she's already getting things from him and she's not even here yet.

wrapped around her little pinky already? most definitely.

Friday, August 26, 2011


was a big day.

we went to the dr and he said we're not moving up my due date after all. she's just big and not due till September 25th still.


i was pretty bummed most of the morning.
looks like we're gonna be waiting a little while longer to wear these cute shirts.
we did finish the babies room yesterday before my appointment. the crib is in and it's amazing! all that's left is to hang stuff on the walls.

like the project i did with these little cuties:
what is it you ask? i guess i'm just a mean ol' tease and you'll have to wait to find out....

we also went to disneyland. yes. disneyland.
"but you're extremely pregnant!" yes, i know.
it was hard, but worth it to take my little boy just with mommy & daddy.

he was pretty whiney and difficult till some of the crowds died down.
i actually almost abandoned him in pizza port. purposefully.
but all in all it was good for my hubby and i to go together and for us to have a family day, which doesn't happen too often. besides, we rewarded our amazing parenting efforts with hagen daz malts in downtown disney and that made everything worth it!

we're off to the pool today to give my hips a break from all this pressure and to help beat this nasty heat wave! hope you have a great friday!!! i promise i will post the babies room in a few days!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

my watermelon & teal baby shower

i was showered with blessings for my baby girl this weekend!
us girls have done four baby showers this year and mine was the last...unless someone isn't telling us something.

here's some eye candy courtesy of mather photography:
the word "yum" doesn't describe the goodies these girls provided. martha "stewart" made amazing baguettes w/ ricotta cheese, prosciutto, and peaches and it was amazing.
mandy made this pizza...well, you all know how i feel about pizza these days. delish!
mandy... doesn't she have such a great smile?
i really didn't want my picture taken, but miss tiffany worked her photo magic and it turned out good despite my protesting.
super cute baby cake from stacy!
dear friend kelly. she made me the most adorable blanket & burp clothes.
everyone wanted one!!!
martha "stewart" working her craftiness too with these cute pom-poms.

secret confession: i hate. repeat hate. opening gifts in front of people. always have, always will.

but if you wrapped her up as a present for me i'd take her home in a new york min!!!
i want to nibble on her.
adorable and so precious gift from my girl friend brandi.
not sure i'll ever put her in this 'cause if she got it messy i'd probably cry.
little girl got seriously hooked up with adorable clothes. so much fun.

to say i love these women is so inadequate. they are a wonderful source of friendship and fellowship in my life. i love each of them so much for who they are and what they mean to me.

thank you girls for a wonderful day that made me feel very special. love you bunches!

Friday, August 19, 2011

just a peak...

so...this little girls room is done...

here's just a little peak:
anthro knobs for the changing table

my version of lindsey cheney's scrappy lamp.
original can be found here.

wanna see more?? you'll just have to be my hips.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wedding weekend

it's was a wedding weekend in the k family.
the hubster was best man at his brother's wedding, and little man was the ring barer.
they got married in santa barbara on a beautiful summer weekend!

rehearsal day:
so glad to have this lady officially apart of our family!!
love my man.

wedding day:
gonna admit i was super hesitant to send my boy down the isle. i thought for sure it'd be a repeat of the ring-barer disaster of may 2011. but this time we came prepared with his favorite thing ever.

a sucker. i could get my kid to do just about anything as long as he has a sucker in his mouth!!

daddy had to bribe him with a second one, but it worked out pretty cute!!
i love those two.
now, once down the isle we had gummy bears, snacks, cars, stickers & crayons, books, anything that would keep the boy quiet. it kinda worked.

he did point out all the airplanes & birds to the guests, but he is cute so that helped.
made this 'just married' sign for the bride & groom's bicycle. turned out super cute.
daddy is saying: don't you want to take a picture with us?
toddler answer: no!

we are officially on baby watch at this point.

the last three office appointments i've had external measurements that were 2-4 weeks bigger than my actual gestational size. in non-pregnant people terms...i'm huge and there had to be a reason.

thus, we got an ultrasound!! i love seeing those pictures and hearing that heartbeat!!! my ultrasound tech ended up being a former parent at the daycare i worked for long ago, so i got to see so much more than just measurements.

see those two feet...they are in poking my side at all times.
can't wait to kiss them.

so, the results, little girl is measuring 2 weeks ahead and my due date is being moved up to sept. 9th from the 25th. that put's me into crazy-pregnant-lady-nesting mode. i should have the nursery completed by next week and will do a big post all about it!!

i just recently made a few crafts too, but i'll save those pics for a different post. see you soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

new year's resolution

yes, i know it's august, and not january. i am not so preggers that i've completely lost my mind. follow me on this one...

i've been doing a lot of "physical" nesting lately in preparation for this little girl to come soon. and i've also been doing a lot of "mental and emotional" nesting too.there are only a few short weeks before my little boy becomes a big brother and is no longer my only baby.

i know that i'll love his sister so much, but there is no replacing the way that little man makes me feel. he made me a mommy for the first time and taught me how to really love. in thinking about those things and time management with two kids i've realized i waste time horridly! and i can't waste the precious time that God gives me here on earth. Kelle Hampton uses the quote, "Tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life." -Mary Oliver

hence my "new year's resolution." maybe i should say "new season's resolution." because that's what the stage of life i'm headed towards is, a new season. a new time where i need to value what i have so often taken for granted. a new season where i am actually wanted by my son to participate in his play and education, a new season where i will have very little energy shortly and will need to work hard to appreciate all the little glorious moments in my day.

yep, i like it. new season's resolution.

so. you're probably wondering what they are. in a nut shell, i want to pursue others and manage my struggles so much better than i am right now. and to do so, i need to work on weeding out things that prohibit me from doing just that.
now, i'm a list girl at heart, so i've got a little list:

1. cool it on facebook for a while.
not going to put a time frame on this one (at least a month). we are so addicted to this little website that makes us feel like we are so involved in each other's lives, when in all actuality it's taught our generation how to NOT be social. we almost don't know how to pick up the phone and talk to each other, or write and mail a card, or hang out face to face. i want to have real relationships, with real people, and physically see these people. now. i love facebook, so saying all that hurts me. i suck at relationships, but that's the point of me making changes. so that i can physically pursue someone i want to spend time with instead of just "liking" all their status updates.

2. minimize blog, pintrest, drool time.
i really want to wean myself down to only visiting my favs. and only doing so a few times a week. instead of a few times a day.

3. work on my spending issues.
that's a hard one to admit. i love to spend money. not copious amounts at one time with bags and bags from the mall. it's more, just when i want to, i do. very selfish. my husband works his ass off at a job that is so under-apreciated and it's all to provide a living in which i stay home and take care of our children, home, finances, and him. yet. i am so willing to go out and spend money we don't have, which makes him need to work even more.

4. work on investing in my son.
thankfully he still wants to spend time with me, so that doesn't make it very hard. however, i'm addicted to the computer and going out and doing things that take up my time. so he gets the very last bits of me. and that people is not fair. he should have the very best of me all the time. because he deserves so much better. little man is a sponge right now. i need to be feeding that desire to learn and grow all the time. and it's not that complicated being that i have an entire preschool program in my garage.
5. become a better keeper of my home.
better at managing time. better at managing finances. better at managing my refrigerator. i hired a house cleaner to come twice a month to help with the big things. i am so grateful for that, but i also need to be mindful of my nature to become lazy. i want to have new recipes and cook with love for my family.

so...that's not too many points, but it's a lot of work. i know that i will have have a hard time, but i am super encouraged.

and to all you facebook friends and readers, i'll still be blogging so you can always catch up with me on here. you don't have to be a follower or have a special account to leave a comment, so feel free to do so! but i would love for you to be a follower, and it would make it easier for you to get updates too!

we are hard at work with the nursery and i have a few updates for you...

we have PAINT. on the WALLS. and we have a new FLOOR!!
see that super cute peek-a-boo of damask wall paper in the closet...i love it. :) if you follow me on pinterest you knew i was thinkin' about it. well. i did it. and i couldn't be happier.

it's all because of this hot hunk...
so proud of him! he has done it all. by himself. learning along the way how to do something if he didn't know how.

thanks for reading. it really means a lot to me. i have every intention of trying to blog more often than i was before. (especially since i'm doing some super cute crafts for little girls room) and to keep people in touch! hope you have a great week.
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