Saturday, April 30, 2011

whatcha lookin at?

so, we found out on wednesday there is a little girl in my belly.
i'll admit i was shocked. was not planning on a girl. at all.
totally thought she was a boy.
either way we love her. as my sister says "around the toilet and back." inside joke. long story.

her name is Cora Elizabeth. love it. after two of my favorite heroines in two of the best novels.

here are a few things i've been browsing thru and bookmarking on my computer.
and may or may not (mostly may) have been drooling over.

love all the little details in this room:

i really like this room in general. so many cute components:

liking the pink and grey right now:

love that this just screams vintage little girl. and i just die over that rug:

i have every intention of making this for her room.

love the fabric in the frames:

all around adorable:

kinda wanna make those pom poms:

love the board & batten on this on:

i pretty much love all of them. we'll see how much daddy wants to do. tee hee. as if he has a choice.

have a great weekend. the hubster and i are headed off to jamaica monday! i'll be sure to bring you back some great pics. and i'm sure a good story or two.

Friday, April 15, 2011

happy birthday banner {tutorial}

this is from the little mans little b-day party. see the banner behind him? i made it. that afternoon. super easy

and here's how:
you'll need...
scissors, glue, hole punch
cut out letters for what you're spelling out (i used my cricut)
paper star bursts
paper bunting triangles
foam dots
old christmas cards

for my starbursts i used my cricut yet again.

to make my bunting triangles i took a 12x12 and cut it in half.
then each half i cut at 7 1/2 inches, eyeballed the middle and cut it diagonally
it's not a perfect triangle, but it's home made.

here's where the christmas cards come in... take your triangles and glue them onto the christmas card, then cut w/ your scissors. this gives the triangles more durability so it will last longer and stand up to multiple uses.
take your starbursts and glue your letters on. i chose to put them in a pattern. but random could be cute if your patterned paper is all the same.
i wanted a fun 3-dimentional look to the banner, so i added paper dots instead of just gluing my starburst letters to the triangles. these are double sided so it sticks to both!
i did chose to put the patterned triangles in a pattern as well, so i laid out the pattern and then started gluing in order.
hole punch each corner of each triangle penant and thread your twine thru.
hang and enjoy!

hope you enjoyed and would love to see if you make any of your own with this tutorial. have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIWW (finally)

hi wiww friends. it's been a while, but i got ONE whole outfit on camera for you. hey, that's a lot better than nothing for the past few months weeks.

i'm linking up with the pleated poppy to show off my cute new preggers outfit.

jeans: gap
belly band, tank, navy stiped t: motherhood maternity
jacket: macy's
necklace: target
shoes: clarks

i posted the following photos, not so much to show off my outfit, but please notice the mischief happening right under my nose.

yes. he is using one of my make-up brushes to clean the outside of the toilet.
pure mischief. and cuteness. but mostly mischief.

and my little growing bump:
don't know who's in there yet, but they are a wiggly one. i love it. i missed that feeling. we'll hopefully find out in two weeks whether we're going blue or pink. can't wait.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

my mister mischief

my baby is two today.

i'm pretty sure yesterday he looked like this in the hospital.
my whole life changed that afternoon. no one could have told me or prepared me (though they tried) for the radical effect having a baby would hold in my heart.

i'm welling up just thinking about how big he is and how much he's grown.
and how much i've grown.
5 days old (photo by Autumn Hull Photography)
6 month old smiley boy (photo by Nicole Hahn Photography)
love this drooly boy (photo by Nicole Hahn Photography)
my big one year old last year (photo by Nicole Hahn Photography)
my big two year old (photo by me.)

i love that he's getting bigger and hate it all at the same time.

he does the funniest stuff all day long. and he makes me melt all. day. long.

some of my favorite things he does:
-reading to himself. none of what he says makes sense to anyone but him.
-counting. un, two, two, nine. :)
-identifying letters. they are all e, c, o, but hey he still knows they're letters.
-his LOVE for art. he would sit and draw all day if i let him.
-our morning snuggles. he wants to cuddle me, even when i'm trying to change his diaper.
-everything is big, BIG, BIG. cars, trucks, trains, etc.
-the above mentioned vehicles are his favorite. that and the trash truck. i don't get it, but he loves it.
-his manners. whenever i give him something he says, "tait tu mama."
-his love of others.
-his prayers. my favorite time of day. he prays for whatever he sees. "tait tu food. tait tu mama dada. tait tu waer. tait tu juce. tait tu ouside. tait tu roar. tait tu woof....etc." have i mention before that i love him.

i love him. so much. this boy constantly challenges me to be the best of myself. i love him beyond what words can describe. all you mama's out there know exactly what i mean.

i can not wait to see what this year bring, especially with a new sibling coming in the fall. i know that will be a challenge for him, but he loves babies and little kids, so i think he'll do fine.

he have a photo shoot coming up with the amazing Nicole Hahn soon and i can't wait! will post pictures soon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

bubbles and chalk

childhood is so simple. there are little joys and pleasures to be had out of everything.
i love that my boy is totally happy and beyond content when there is bubbles and chalk involved.

that was our morning. outside in the shade blowing bubbles with the giant bubble wands from target's $1 section. then the necessary drawing on all parts of the ground with the new chalk too!
our evening was wonderful too. impromptu evening out with oma & aunt nini (hubby's mom & sister) to get fro yo on this hot day!! he was so excited just to have his own cup, i probably could have almost gotten away with not filling it. almost.

then why not cool off in their fun kid fountain. i had walked in a store and all i kept hearing was hysterical laughter coming from my family. decided to get out there quick!

my child was soaked. you know he loves water. this was no different. families were stopping and watching him play with pure joy in the fountain. which is designed for kids to play in it. don't think i let my kid go tromping thru some giant fountain. i'll take pics next time.
all that to say we had a great spring (which felt more like summer) day yesterday! coming up... a bridal shower! with the cutest garland i've ever made!!!
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