Monday, February 21, 2011

a case of the mondays

a little list for my monday. to remind me that monday's don't have to be "somebody's got a case of the mondays." but that, you just have to find the thankful in them.

2. the boy who brings home bagels for me.
3. the smile on the littlest boys face when he sees the biggest boy in our house for the first time in three days.
4.naps. family nap time has happened a lot in our house lately.
5. sprite, really big sandwiches full of yummy veggies & oil/vinegar/s/p, & rich broccoli cheddar soup!
6.a good pair of comfy stretch pants.
7. not needing to cook tonight.
8.listening to the littlest boy count, even if it is only, "two, nine, two, nine, two, nine...."
9.crisp cool days. very soon it will be hot and i will then be cranky.
10. the honesty of other mamas. kelle's post today was awesome. here's just a small snippet of her wordy goodness:
"But you can’t cushion your kids. You can’t send them into the world bubble-wrapped and helmeted even though you want to. You can’t carpet their universe, hoping their falls will always land softly. You love and let go and thank the modern world of advancements in safety for airbags and outlet covers, baby gates and bike helmets. And when our kids fall—and they will—you scoop them and hold them and tell them it’s okay."
totally how i feel with having a very busy boy who falls all.the.time.
thanks for stoping by. have a great monday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love on a lovely day

my hubby and i have had a lot of valentine's days together. eleven to be exact. and yesterday may have been my fav. it wasn't all about what "i got" or if my hubby did anything extravagant (like the three dozen pageant style roses i received our 1st v-day.).

but it was about us. our family. days like yesterday feed my soul. i need them. badly.

we started our morning slow and that was nice. we are so similar that we got each other the same gifts. the little one and i made daddy his favorite cookies decorated with love:
(and a small amount of sprinkles)
i paired that up with some of his fav. candies and a homemade card. he got me my fav. cookies w/ sprinkles & my fav. candies. :) i love that we know each other's little luxuries that we don't get to enjoy very often.

now, all morning i'd been wanting to suggest we go to ventura and visit our favorite little lunch spot, but decided not to because i didn't want him to think i was trying to control the day. he said he had some ideas, so i was going to let him take care of it. now sure enough, he says to me from the shower, "ya know what i really want to do today babe?" "what?" "go to Anacapa Brewing in Ventura." "NO WAY!! that's what i want to do!"

and so we went. it was a glorious day. the food was amazing. if you ever go you have to get the onion rings and an ojai sandwich. yum! we decided to, very impromptu, go to the beach as well after lunch. best idea (second to our lunch choice of course.). ever.

we showed up at low tide. it was amazing. we could walk out almost all the way to the end of the breakwater. we loved exploring the sand and the wade pools.
(this is the beach he proposed to me at)
he liked exploring them a little too much. but, he's a boy. a boy with zero fear & a serious love for water.
didn't stop him at all that he was soaking wet.
it was absolutely beautiful.
i don't think i stopped smiling at these two boys the entire time. they have such a wonderful time together.

there were some seriously soaked clothes, but lots of giggles and smiles. he may have had sand everywhere (huge issue for me. i hate sand), and rode home in a diaper, but there were memories made. and that's all that mattered.

it was a great day. a great day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a very birdy baby shower

we threw a baby shower for a new mama-to-be last saturday and it was so much fun. i was in charge of invites and decorations (my favorite role to play, let's me be miss crafty-pants.).

i've had so much fun planning this bird themed event for stacy. she's super trendy, loves anthro and is planning a nature & anthro inspired nursery. so, that's why we went with the birds (plus they're so cute and so many ideas w/ nests and all).

here's some photos from the day of. (taken by my very talented friend tiffany. whose website you can see here.)
the lovely mama-to-be

love these girls

one of my favorite things i made: a wishing tree
we encouraged the guests to write wishes &/or prayers for the baby & mama-to-be.
super easy. i'll post a tutorial on it soon.
close up of the wishing tree.

one of our center pieces.
i purchased unfinished birdhouses at michaels and then painted them and modge podged paper on the roof.
isn't she pretty.
we did a diaper raffle to help her stock up on those much needed items.
one of my fav. things was using mason jars to hold everything. love those little things.

i wanted to show the family to be, so i borrowed photos from stacy's mom. we had photos from their dating years all the way to now. it would have been perfect if i had one of those "all because two people fell in love" signs above it.
love a good clothes line filled with cute baby clothes. i added birds to the clothes pins to help it tie into the theme.
prob. my favorite centerpiece. a bird cage, a bird nest (pottery barn on sale for $2!!!!), and a bird candle from michaels! loved it!
we wrapped all the utensils in the napkins & then tied them w/ twine & placed mini bird cut outs in the twine.
saving the best for last. i have a good friend who is basically martha stewart. and funny thing... her name is martha. :) she made these adorable cupcakes and look at the adorable birdie cake topper!! love!

we had such a good time showering her with love and blessing her with gifts. so much fun to celebrate a new life!

hope you had a good weekend, cause we did!

i love all the comment love. thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wiww part 5&6 (and maybe 7)

so, i haven't posted a wiww in a while so i have no idea how old these pics are. but, i'm working on it. haven't felt well enough to get out of my comfy clothes let alone take any pics.

here's a few days from the past few weeks:

jeans: target
tank: loft
cardigan: gap
necklace: macys

jeans: target
ruffle tank: old navy
cardigan: loft

hubby's graduation:
dress: oldnavy
shoes: rhiannon's closet
necklace: target

sorry it's not a ton of pics, but at least it's a few. thanks for stopping by.
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