Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i'm lovin' it!

i just have to share some things i am loving right now.

the weather. i love a warm day with a breeze! i don't like to be hot, i'm not a fan of being cold, but give me 72-74 degrees and i'm one happy lady.

tortilla chips & queso dip. i told you i like mexican food right?! i'm a huge chips & salsa girl, but i have a secret, well maybe not so secret, love for queso dip. i don't care if it will line my intestinal wall for years, it's too good to stop.

this is my son's "educational play" cabinet.
it's got paint & flash cards, and color bags (to help learn our primary colors) and so much more.
it's nice to have it in one place and i can just grab what i want to work on with him and then put it right back where it belongs. :)

naps. i don't usually like them. i actually feel that they are a waste of time. however, i am fighting a cold and i can't help myself. (yawn. it's almost that time actually.)

this book. talk about life changing. read it. now.

the creative genius of my dear friend taylor. she has a very resourceful blog for moms of toddlers that i read a lot. she is a preschool teacher (that's how we met) and our boys are only 6 weeks apart. i can't tell you how often i do her activities in my house. everything in my little man's cabinet above- her idea! if you've got littles you should check her out, she's got great ideas.

my sweet boy's hugs. i was gone for a few hours this morning, and he noticed. when i came home he wouldn't let go of me. best. feeling. ever. my soul was warmed. these loves are very few and far between because he's usually way to busy playing to stop and give mama some loving. but when he does. heaven i tell ya. heaven.

this lady's belly. she's expecting her first. so exciting. all i want to do is rub her belly and watch it move. i'm helping throw her baby shower in two weeks and i can't wait. it's bird themed and going to be awesome. i'll post after it happens.

my two boys together. whatever daddy does, he does. period.

totally bad photo, but they rode the hubby's bike for at least 30 mins last night. loved it. my heart was so full.

girl scout thin mint cookie ice cream. no need to elaborate.

and...i know there's more, but honestly, i'm tired and i need a nap.

hope you all have a great week.

wiww take 4

so. i haven't been feeling too hot this week. my son's had a cold, and since i wipe his nose with my hand i'm such a good mommy, i got it.

that being said i still tried to make an effort a few days this week to get dressed all cute and stuff, and therefore hopefully feel better and change my attitude. i'm linking up to lindsey cheney's what-i-wore-wednesday for the 4th week. enjoy.

wednesday: (and probaby friday, sunday, and monday too. i'm ashamed.)
comfy pants-target
undershirt- gap
t-shirt- fox

red sweater- costco
necklace- macys

jeans- gap long & lean
black tank- gap
ruffled top- old navy
headband- me

jeans- gap always skinny
grey ruffle top- old navy
cardigan- target
boots- 6pm.com

hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

black holes

when i say black hole what do you think of? i don't think of some cosmic event where planets are sucked into oblivion, but more my mother's purse. and i say that lovingly of course. it was her name for her purse anyways.

so much went missing from that purse when i was a kid. sadly i am finding myself in similar situations here at home.

i found at this blog a challenge for 21 days to organization. she's a rock star. i've decided not to commit to the entire challenge, but follow and do as much as i could.

well, i started that organizational kick last week and went crazy with purging, cleaning, sorting, etc... and my husband loved it. he was thrilled we could actually find what we were looking for. go figure. so, i decided to show you more of my progress. last time i showed you my embarrassing hoarding find and the organization under the sink. this time i went to do the junk drawer, only to find we actually had three.
so here you go:
kitchen junk drawer

craft room junk drawer

i did not change anything prior to taking these photos.
it was seriously that bad.
when you walk in my house it usually looks clutter free. i've just shown you that is because i hide my messiness in my cabinets & drawers.

two. whole. boxes to empty those drawers. crazy!!!
next i went thru the boxes and purged. i tested every single marker, pen, pencil, etc...
i also laid out all the organizing boxes i purchased and instantly sorted them to their proper place. i made sure that i knew which boxes were going where. it wouldn't be purposeful to put the clip's for open bags in the craft room when i'd most likely need them in the kitchen.

then i just put it all back, but correctly this time.
craft room drawer
i liked having a closed box for my little man's markers & crayons to just grab when he's feeling artistic. (dollar store $2.50)

kitchen drawer
i got all the blue baskets at the dollar store 3/$1.50 and the wooden boxes i already had.

the next project was my son's junk drawer. this one was, i think, the worst one.
you can't even see the bottom!!! ridiculous.

again. i put it all in a box and purged. threw away old snacks, gathered infant stuff to go up in the attic, etc...
and now.... ta-da!
notice the naughty hands trying to get into the box , he sees the snack bars.

it's beautiful. i can actually see the bottom.
the box with the snacks was also from the dollar store. i think it was $1.50/$2? the basket with the cups i already had out on the counter.
which helped me make more space on my countertops. woo-hoo for me!

thanks for visiting. next time i'll show you my pantry. that was a crazy one. but one of my favorite to do!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wiww take 3

so. i don't have a ton of pics to link up with lindsey's wiww challenge, but hey at lease i took some pics right?

jeans- target
navy blue tank- loft
teal cardigan- target
thought i'd show you a close up of my fav necklace that i wear most days. they're the initials of my boys. i bought them almost three years ago at a boutique, so i don't know who they're made by, but i love them.

jeans- always skinny by gap
white tank- gap
blue stripped/ruffled shirt- oldnavy

close up of my new boots! i got them from a great online store! love the ruffle detail!

jeans- long & lean by gap
flower top- oldnavy

gotta love california weather. last week i was wearing scarves and sweaters, this week i was wearing tanks and shorts (now you know why i didn't take pics. didn't want to blind anyone with my legs!)

thanks for visiting. i've been doing a lot of organizing so stay tuned for a massive organization post!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

top 10 places to have a complete meltdown

or at least my son thinks so.

10. the highchair- um... excuse me there is something green on my plate. yeah, this is not what i ordered.
9. the grandparents house- mommy must have said "no love, sorry. now go throw a fit and grandma will give it to you."
8. a parking lot- lord knows he'll hold hands with me inside the house, but you take one step on that asphalt and it's like he's figured out i have cooties or something.
7.the car- assuming you can get there with out #8 happening. remember when they were little and you could just turn up the volume and they'd settle down. now... not so much.
6. getting out of the bathtub- my son is special. i'm pretty sure he's part fish.
5. starbucks- i'm actually with him on this one. i get sad when i have to leave my happy place too.
4. going to baby church- he knows where we're going the moment we turn into the driveway. it doesn't stop once during the entire unloading and "walk of doom" as we call it.
3. gymboree- you kinda feel bad when the teacher has to sing so loud she starts to loose her voice by the end of class.
2.public places, mainly restaurants- any place really where people can look at us and judge us. it's as if people don't normally get to enjoy dinner with a screaming kid. must just be us then. I guess that goes with #10.
1. when ever or where ever the words "juice & cookie" are uttered and the "juice & cookie" are not produced in under 5 seconds- do not do this! i repeat. do. not. do. this. everyone in target knew that my son wanted his juice & cookie. i'm pretty sure the people working there were a few moments away from just giving him some for free, which has actually happened at #2.

honorable mention- a bathroom- did i mention it was a public bathroom. writhing around on the floor because he didn't. want. to. leave. why??? i have no clue. but if i could have i would have bathed him in bleach right then & there.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

wiww take 2

good morning.

i'm linking up again to lindsey cheney's what i wore wednesday. lindsey wanted to challenge herself to get out of her pjs and dressed into something cute! she's got great style. and her store is full of stuff i want to buy.

this is my second week challenging my self to dress nice and make an effort. i have to say it was even harder than i thought. i really noticed that i tend to repeat clothes a lot. so we're working on that. BUT guess what???? I got new jeans! super excited. my friend stacy, whose blog is super cute and you can read here, went with me to GAP and helped me pick two new pairs.

AND, there's more. more? yep more. i bought boots too! they aren't here yet, but i hope they'll be in next weeks post! so...without further delay... here are the outfits:

jeans- target
white ruffle shirt- old navy
gray cardigan- old navy
pleated flower pin- me
gotta say, didn't really feel this outfit. it was an off day.
however, i did like my hair. so that's a plus.

friday: playdate with a friend
jeans- long & lean from GAP (new)
green flower tank- old navy
beigh cardigan- old navy

jeans- GAP
tan tank w/ embellished top- marshalls
green cardigan- old navy

sunday: at disneyland with the family
jeans- gap
long sleeve ruffle shirt- old navy
scarf- boutique
little man's shark beanie: Children's Place.

jeans- always skinny from GAP (new)
grey ruffle tank- old navy
white tank- gap
black cardigan- white house black market
boots- target (way old, not the new ones)
black & turquoise headband- me
this was my favorite outfit!
i felt so great knowing i fit in those jeans and that i rocked them.

tuesday: bible study
jeans- GAP
white tank- gap
grey striped top- target
blue scarf- boutique

thanks for visiting. hope you all have a great day!

hoarding organizing

i found thru a series of blogs "a bowl full of lemons." she is doing a great series about organization. i didn't want to link up to it b/c i don't know if i can commit to the 21 days, and plus i'm 11 days behind. but you should check out some of the great ideas here. One of her days was to clean out the cabinet under the sink. here are my before and afters.

apparently i didn't know i had:
4 bottles of windex-all slightly used
3 bottles of jet dry- 2 completely empty
2 empty bottles of method cleaning products
3 swiffer duster wands, yet... no swiffer dusters
6 pairs, yes 6, of cleaning gloves
2 flash lights w/o batteries
and a ton of other crap!

i found the two green bins on sale at big lots for $2.50
the metal basket i think is target.
i decided to make the small side cabinet for emergencies
there's two flashlights now w/ batteries
latex gloves and a first aid kit
and a fire extinguisher!

have you ever seen the show hoarders? i'm slightly obsessed. it's like i can't stop watching. like a really bad car wreck. i. can't. stop.

so, when i watch the show i get super paranoid that i'll become a hoarder some day. my grandmother (who i miss and loved dearly) was slightly a hoarder. not so much on keeping crap, but she would buy almost anything if it was on sale. she figured that she'd use it some day or find someone who could use it. when my mom cleaned out her house after she passed she found something like 25+ rolls of wrapping paper.

look what i found in the cabinet by my sink. GASP!! i think this is about 2 years worth of grocery bags.

needed to be able to carry it out to the trash.

this scares me.

i am so much like her. i always thought i'd have to be really careful not to buy stuff just because it's on sale! so since i scare myself every monday night by watching hoarders, and i have genetics telling me to buy as many as i can one of everything, i am super stressed about staying organized and clutter free. apparently i wasn't scared enough about keeping useless crap!

needless to say i have the cleaning/organizing bug. stay posted for more updates on the "fight my hoarding campaign."

Monday, January 10, 2011

short and sweet

i think one of my new resolutions or goals is to "be" more. not to do more. i do a lot as it is.

just to "be." verb a : to have an objective existence : have reality or actuality: live
b : to have, maintain, or occupy a place, situation, or position

i want to learn to be that way. just exist for a purpose, but not need to do something to feel a purpose.

that being said lisa leonard is doing a give away! the necklace she's doing is a word necklace and if won it i would totally choose "be." lisa is amazing. you need to enjoy her blog. she is open and honest about her family and i'm constantly encouraged by her sense of style her constantly positive outlook and her adorable personality and family!

if you haven't read her, you should go here. now. have a great week. off to go snuggle the hubster and while our little man still sleeps.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

i am a mom...

it's crazy sometimes. but i wouldn't have it any other way.
it's funny how when you aren't a mom you come up with all these ideas of how you'll be a good mom. things you'll do to teach your kids. things you'll never do. how you'll know and do all the right things all the time. sure.

let me tell something to you. it goes all out the window. i worked with kids for over ten years before i had my son. i totally knew what to do with kids right? wrong. the first night home i freaked out.

i had no. idea. what i was doing. none. i remember trying to figure out how to take him back.
take him back to the hospital.

but, thankfully he won't ever remember the moments where i messed up. and, i look back on that mom i was just a few short months ago (21 to be exact.) and i smile at her. why? because i had no idea how wonderful that stage was. the learning, bonding and still stage of a sweet newborn.

now i have a toddler. we are still learning. we are still bonding. but theres not so much being still. ever. but, again, i wouldn't have it any other way.

i am a mom who lets her son play with sticks. heck, i let him run with sticks.
he eats snails (not that i let him do that, but he's a boy and he does it anyways), leaves, crayons, food off the floor, dried food from his highchair....
i am thoroughly considering a backpack harness for my child. he runs everywhere. and mix that with my crowds phobia. issues i'm telling you.
i let him play with finger paint. in his hair.
i have used a toilet seat cover from the women's bathroom to make a diaper for my son. that would be why i will always. always. carry more diapers.
he walks around in my shoes.
even though i am paranoid that he'll get bit, i still let him run around with the ducks at the lake today.
i think some times he says all the words he knows to be able to get something, just in case one of them is the right word to use.
we make messes. we wrestle. we give lots and lots of kisses.
we play in the rain. or any time really as long as it's outside.

i am a mom. i love being a mom.
i am learning to find balance in this new phase of toddlerhood.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i am taking on a real challenge for me.

i am linking up to lindsey cheney's "what i wore wednesday." the linking part is not the challenge, but more the outfits part. lindsey started this to challenge herself to not wear sweats all day everyday and started to document and share her cute style.

my challenge is that i don't think i have very cute style. but i have to say i'm decently proud of how cute i think i looked. i liked what i was wearing and i felt more confident getting dressed nice with my hair and make up done.

so here you go: (OH, and i appologize for the pictures. i have a very crummy point & shoot, nothing fancy like the other ladies, but it's on my tax-return-wish-list! so i played with them in my iphoto editing program. hope they turn out!)

sweater: target (on sale!)
undershirt: gap
pants: target
necklace: macy's (gift from the hubbster for christmas!)
shoes: i don't want to talk about it.

pants: target
undershirt: gap
long sleeve white shirt: marshalls
3/4 cardigan: target
scarf: handmade ages ago from a coworker
flower pin: me!

i didn't take a picture of me on new years eve because i didn't leave my pajamas at all! even went thru the drive thru at chick-fil-a in them!

new years day! happy new year
pants: target (noticing something?)
undershirt: gap
tee-shirt: loft
grey cardigan: loft
flower pin: me again

sunday: going to church and working in the pre-k room (also, it snowed this day at our house in little santa clarita so i was not in this outfit for long!)
pants: target
undershirt: gap
blue ruffle shirt: old navy (on sale for $7!!)
grey cardigan: loft
headband: target

pants: target
white ruffle tank: old navy
(wanna know how much? wait for it....$3!!!!)
Green cotton cardigan: old navy (full price, but it was worth it.)
necklace: local boutique
rolled rosettes headband: me

pants: target
tank: gap
grey striped long sleeve tee: target ($8!)
necklace: target

so. a few observations. i like target. i wear a lot of grey.

you'll never see a picture of my shoes. that is because i have a foot problem and i have to wear crocks most of the day. i know. the shame. it's my sons fault. i blame him.

and about the pants. i recently lost about 16 lbs and i'm one to two sizes smaller than almost all my clothes in my closet. yay me! i have a horrible time shopping for jeans and these are the only ones that even relatively fit me! i've asked the hubby for permission to by pants that my son won't be able to pull down when trying to climb his up my leg to get my attention. he's said yes, but i just hate looking and trying on!

hopefully by next week i'll have better pants. or just more so i'm not wearing the same ones. every day.
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