Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks and A Little More...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
Daddy worked on Thursday so we drove down to do dinner with him and the guys. Thankfully we had zero pooping incidents at the fire station! (You know that would have been my luck too!) And we were able to enjoy a wonderful feast including pumpkin cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! (I died! Delish!) Laine had a great time looking at the fire trucks and playing with a little friend who was there to be with his daddy too. The best part of the evening though was when Brent gave him the p.a. system. My boy loves to talk, so to talk and hear it amplified is just the icing on top. There was lots of unrecognizable gibberish, but lots of mama and dada and laughing.

I am so thankful for my husband and his job. So many people think that fire fighters don't work hard, they just watch t.v. and take naps... this may be true in some stations and in some situations, but my husband has worked his cute little tushy off this year to become a paramedic so that I can stay home with our boy. I'm so grateful for his desire to put his family first and provide! I don't know how I got so lucky!

I'm also very thankful for a few really great family days together! It's been good for our souls. My heart is very full with love for my family this time of year and that's such a nice feeling!

I've been getting kinda excited for Christmas so I made a few wreaths to place in and outside of our home this year! Okay, I'll be honest... I'm SUPER excited for Christmas and I lOVE my new wreaths!

This one I saw on here. And it wasn't too hard to do... took me about 5 hours (or in mommy time two naps). :) So fun!!
This one I did all on my own & used items from the dollar tree! So it only cost me $4 to make!! And took me 2 hours (or one nap). I think this one is the general favorite, but I like them both a lot!

I'm super excited for this Christmas and our chance to really enjoy it with our son this year. I can not wait to let him play with his little people nativity set, and show him the advent calendar. There are so many great traditions and new traditions we want to continue and start in our little family! I really want to teach him about the spirit of giving this year. My family was very adamant about us girls giving to other that don't have as much, and I want that to be a key theme in our home during the holidays! Whether it's angel tree, shoebox gifts, donating toys, toys for tots, or another good program I can't wait to help teach Laine to give.

Speaking of giving... Tatertots & jello are hosting a giveaway for a floor cleaner and I'm jonesing for it! Here are the details:

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