Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poison Control

My husband is rarely home these days due to paramedic school. But he was home today, so we decided to make today a special family day and go to a pool together. Brent has yet to see Laine in the pool. My dad has a key to a great pool, so we thought we'd take advantage of it. We got dressed and lathered our pearly white bodies with sunscreen before getting in the car so that way we could just hop right in the pool. My son was obsessed with the little bottle of sunscreen we had on a key chain, so I let him play with it while I was packing up the bags.

Once ready to go and in the car he was fussing, and instead of giving him his passie I gave him that little sunscreen again. It had a screw on cap and I had no knowledge of him being capable of taking the cap off so I thought nothing of it. Maybe 1 mile before we got to the pool it dawned on me, he might not be able to take the cap OFF, but he can probably pop the lid plus, he was being extra quiet back there. I glanced back to find my son DID have the capability of unscrewing a cap and had been leisurely enjoying an afternoon snack of sunscreen during our drive. IT WAS ALL OVER HIM!! Mainly located around his mouth.

Thankfully my husband was driving, so I was able to leap into the back seat to stop the consuming of potentially toxic liquids. He screamed the entire time I'm scooping the sunscreen out his mouth, and cleaning off his hands & face, with a blanket I had in the back seat. I threw Brent the bottle to check if it's poisonous. The label on the sunscreen reads, "If consumed seek medical attention or contact Poison Control immediately." Awesome. My first experience with poison control.

The ever so calm woman at poison control was kind enough to explain to me that he would have had to consumed the entire bottle for him to have any problems, but he will have a stomach ache and possibly the poops. Good I thought. I want him to have a stomach ache so he doesn't do that again! I have a horrible feeling that this will not be the last time I call poison control. Heck, we might become good friends in the coming years. On a lighter note we did enjoy a great time at the pool and having some family time.

Monday, July 26, 2010


My son has a lot in common with fish. His favorite movie is Finding Nemo. It's actually the only one he'll sit and watch for small moments. I've even caught him giggling at the fishies talking on the screen. His favorite snack is Gold Fish. If you see him coming and you have some, hide them. He will eat them. He's notorious around my friends for mooching fishies off their kids. Or just taking them from their kids. And lastly, I've been observing much more lately, he was made to be in the water.

We enjoyed a little friends birthday party today at a community pool. The kiddy pool was great. 1 foot, warm (I didn't ask if it was warmed, but I'm sure we all know how.), and not too small. The moment my son saw the pool he was almost in it fully clothed. I couldn't get his little white body in his swim suit fast enough. And in we went. By 'we' I mean both of us. I was the only mama in the pool, but this is due to the fact that my son is only 16 months and has NO idea how to swim. But boy does he try! Thus, I donned my swim suit and in I went, blinding the poor other parents as I did so.

He had a blast. We spent probably an hour in the pool before dinner, and he went under water on his own six times. Each time I had to grab him and bring him to the surface. Everyone gasped the first few times, but after seeing the ear-to-ear smile on his face they realized he was actually TRYING to do it. I love his strong willed and independent spirit, but in these situations it freaks me out! After dinner we were walking around and he kept trying to put his toes back in the water. So, in we went again. I love it. He is SO happy in water. It's like he's a selkie or something. The second time we were in the water another 45 mins. This time he went under four times. Mama to the rescue each time. The best part was that he figured out he could crouch down in the water and have it cover his shoulders. His cute little head just bobbed up and down with purple lips and so happy. He cried when I took him out of the pool. Broke my heart.

Love my little fish.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I can tell when I am in a rut and I need to make something. Now, I didn't not get the family gift of painting, BUT I do LOVE colors. I love amazing scrapbook paper like this:

Or how cute is this?:

I also have a LOVE affair with fabrics. The women in my family have been amazing seamstresses for generations, but I'm not that great at it. My mom paid for two maybe three years of lessons to help, I made a bag, a pair of pants (with one side sewn on wrong side out), a skirt (that took me so long to make it didn't fit when I was done), and a dress that is still unfinished 10 years later hanging in my mother's hallway closet. I'm sure she hopes I'll finish it & maybe wear it some day. Love my mom. But I have always loved doing crafts with fabrics. Patterns, I don't do. Lindsey Cheney at The Pleated Poppy has got my creative juices flowing again! She has an amazing eye for fabrics and I've been motivated by her to do some fun projects w/ fabric lately!!

On her blog she made a Family Rules Canvas. You can see it here. I was in love with the concept and was super excited to make something creative and fun. I won't lie, it took a while, but the end result is beautiful.

I'm thinking of making more. It was so fun to sit with my husband and discuss principles we want our family to live by. Here's what we came up with (we borrowed a few great ones):
Love the LORD your GOD
Use kind words, Always tell the truth
Sing silly, dance crazy, hug often, snuggle up, say I love you
Give to others first
Use your manners- Yes, Please & No, Thank you
Pay with Kisses
Hands are for hugging, not hitting
There is no "mine" in this house, it's all GODS
Husbands, love your wife... Wife, always have his side
Act responsibly, Be respectful, Choose wisely
Say what you're sorry for... Give grace & forgiveness freely
Obey with out challenge, excuse or delay
encourage, honor & love one another
Thank God for this day, this family & this home.

I've been doing lots of other crafts and gearing up for some sewing, but not until we get back from Chicago this weekend. Excited to celebrate with Ethan & Lindsey!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I had to go to the Sheriff department, Wal Mart, and hopefully Old Navy. Don't you worry my husband isn't in jail, or anything I needed to change something on my police report for our account fraud issue. For those that don't know, on my birthday I was made aware by our bank that my card had been compromised and the lovely people behind it had drained my checking and my savings account. Happy Birthday to ME! Anyway, I needed to go to Wal Mart to get my oil changed and people watch. Old Navy was so I could spend the gift card that was setting fire to my pocket.

I grabbed the little one, placed him in the ridiculously hot car and headed off on our seemingly easy adventure. We got to the Sheriff's fine, and my little man was so cute w/ the volunteer behind the counter. So contentedly sitting on my hip waiting for mama to finish. Yes, I held him. It just makes quick stops like this easier. Why bother with the overwhelmingly big stroller when I'm just gonna run in and run out. Back to the story. I was finishing up w/ the volunteer giving him my new bank print out when... I smelled it.

You know. THAT smell. The smell that tells you something MONUMENTAL just happened in your sons pants. And then. My hand was damp. At this moment I was really more concerned for my white shirt than anything else. Any mother knows what a risk it is to wear white, EVER. I wore white today.

I quickly thanked the elderly gentleman and practically ran to the car. I started to take my son's shorts off thinking that there was only a small spot where he "leaked" only to find the poop had exploded out of his diaper all down his leg. This is the moment where I wished I had a hose. And another pair of shorts. I am not a good mama. I didn't bring the diaper bag with me. (gasp). Nope. Just diapers & wipes thrown into my black hole of a purse.

I got him cleaned up after a good 10 mins of wiping, but he looked ridiculous. A tee shirt, a diaper, and sandals. No worries I thought. I'm headed to Wal Mart. He'll FIT RIGHT IN! I would have probably stood out if I'd brought my child fully clothed instead of half naked. And in case you were wondering... my shirt was fine. PTL! We did find a pair of shorts on sale for $1. They didn't match at all, but hey at lease my son wasn't bottomless in those oh-so-clean carts.

Didn't end up getting to Old Navy, but that's okay, we shared a frozen yogurt instead!

An Introduction

I never thought I'd be one to start a blog. To be honest I wasn't quite into blogs until about 6 months ago when I read Kelle Hampton's amazing, life changing, wish-I-could-be-her blog Enjoying the Small Things. Then I was hooked. I couldn't help myself. I'd look at the clock and realized I had just spent 3 hours reading about all these amazing women and I'd gone through two boxes of tissues.

Needless to say I've spent my last 10 years working with kids. I have my fare share of really. really. funny stories. Everyone's always said I have a gift for story telling so I thought, "hey why not?" SO, here it goes. I hope you enjoy reading about me enjoying my life with my two boys.
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